All is Mind.

I have been a Buddhist going on 25 years, but only in the last ten years or so have I begun to have a burning interest in finding links between Buddhism’s teaching (summarized in the Heart Sutra), that “all is mind”, and the experimental evidence and theories of physics.

There has been over at least the last decade, a growing number of theoretical physicists, particularly those delving into quantum phenomena, who have expressed their observations and feelings about the intersection of their physics and what may be called conventionally, the spiritual realm.  There are now many books on the subject, exploring the links spanning consciousness, spirituality and modern physical theories and astronomical and laboratory observed phenomena.  The book, The Physics of Consciousness, by Evan Harris Walker, is but one.  Currently I am reading and will reread a book by Carlo Rovelli, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics.  A couple of other authors are Amit Goswami and Fred Alan Wolf, but there are a number more who have written on the subject, either directly or by touching on the consciousness aspect.

For those less inclined to read, but who want to explore this topic, you must watch the movie, What The Bleep!? -Down The Rabbit Hole, which gives an excellent treatment of the subject, although being already somewhat outdated as science has moved on since the release of the film in 2005.

This whole subject, trying to grasp findings and implications of modern particle physics and the relationships of time, space and gravity is mind-boggling enough, but when blended with the question of “what is consciousness?” becomes essentially unfathomable if one remains in a normal state of mind.  I have found the best way to approach these questions is to essentially go into a semi-meditative state.  Little by little I am finding I have a better understanding of the puzzle pieces as explained by these great physicists.  But when “studying” the subject of consciousness, using one’s own consciousness, it is clear that there is no discernible end to the rabbit warren’s twists and turns.

I would be foolish to attempt to say more on this grand subject, for far greater minds than my own continue to struggle and scribble equations that may finally capture the Mind of God.  I would leave it to the reader, if interested, to follow me into the hole, and be open-minded.

Happy exploring. Keep a Happy Mind!


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