Stillness, An Infinitely Abundant Resource

In these days and times, as in all past and all future days and times, the resource of “stillness” offers access to infinite peace.  Certainly in the USA each of us could use a little peace, peace of mind, peace in being individually and most importantly, collectively.  We exist only because other sentient beings exist, especially our fellow human beings.  So when we access peace, we should feel connected to the peace of others, everywhere.

I know I have readers around the world, or at least in parts of our commons space ship, and I am sure they would agree that peace of mind, accessed by just being “still,” is the antidote for many of our troubles.  While “stillness” is accessible through meditation of various methods, stillness also is mundanely accessible by just controlling when and how we speak.  Would you not agree with me that if a person just pressed “pause” before commenting or “popping off” about some “thing” they see or hear or read, perhaps the world would be a little more civil.  It’s called “think before speak.”  Very simple.

It is all too obvious that a large segment of the world’s population, especially here in the USA, are all too quick on the trigger with their comments on news media channels and social media at large.  The whole thing reminds me of a food fight (although I have never personally engaged in or witnessed one….laughter!).  Even as much as I love the internet, and our freedoms “in the West,” I sometimes think maybe, if once a month at some pre-arranged time, the whole WWW would turn off all means of commenting on news feeds and social media just stop, say for one hour, with the understanding that we should use that time to just sit quietly and “not think,” the world would be a little more civil at large.

But then, there is no WWW god who can execute that suggestion.  It is within each of us, however, the power and capacity – if not the will which needs to be cultivated – to really tamp down our busy stupid minds that constantly wish to chatter to reinforce our own usually ill-informed attitudes and positions about a host of social matters.  As it is, at least here in the States, we have what is probably a minority of loud mouths continually spouting off, often going into the most vile, vindictive ditches to “hurt” there imagined opponents.  It is this minority that we at large allow to rob the rest of us of the peace of meaningful reflection and compassion for others.

Personally I wish for more peace within the human psyche, especially those who are visible by virtue of political office or other public position.  Just think if many of these people could find peace in their own hearts and minds (one and the same), much of the present insanity would just “go away.”

Now I need to be quiet for a little while.  Peace out.