Aware Compassion

I am a Buddhist.  Many years ago I received what Mahayana Buddhists call the Medicine Buddha initiation.  I won’t go into esoteric details of the practice, as anyone may find a great deal of information on the web.  What I do wish to include in this post is the simple method of what I dub “aware compassion.”

When I see an ambulance or even hear the sound nearby, and the honking of its horn trying to clear the road ahead, or when I happen to see a medical emergency helo going by overhead, I bring Medicine Buddha into my presence.  I immediately bring into awareness that some person or persons is seriously hurting or in a medical emergency.  For this practice I send to the vehicle the healing blue light, “lapis lazuli” light, with my pointed prayer to reduce the person’s pain or give them the extra help they need to get through their situation.  Of course I usually will not know if the vehicle is even transporting someone, as it may be on the way to pick up the person, but it does not matter really.  The whole point is to inject the power of prayer into the situation.

To me it is inconsequential how one prays for those in need.  Any faith, or even non-faith wishes, helps.  It is a scientific fact, proven with quantum physics experiments, that the mere observation of any physical phenomenon affects the same.  We can in fact affect these emergency situations, although the effects may not be obvious or the results may be not what we would have wished for.  Regardless, there is some probability that the outcome will be positive.  Again, our merely putting positive energy into the universe may help.

The “awareness” component of this practice of compassion is dependent on our recognizing upon seeing or hearing an emergency vehicle, kicking in our healing prayers, directed to the unknown, unseen person(s) we can imagine inside.  Does it matter that the person perhaps has done something wrong? That they were shot while committing a crime, or shot by a law enforcement officer?  To me it does not matter.  I believe that at the core of all sentient beings is a little Buddha.  Does it matter that they will never know that I prayed for them?  No it does not.  By putting positive energy into the universe, sharing the Love and Compassion of the blue Medicine Buddha, the whole universe is improved on some sub-sub-microscopic level, in my mind at least.

So using the Medicine Buddha method, when I see or hear the ambulance, I internally visualize a healing ball of blue lapis light in my heart, and mentally send that ball of blue light to the person in the ambulance, and visualize their entire body enveloped in that light, and I send the Buddha’s healing love to them, visualizing it relieving their pain, and injecting them with healing energies.  I try to hold that projection until the sirens fade.

Of course to practice Medicine Buddha we do not have to sit around waiting on an ambulance haha!  The method, once learned, and better once one has taken an initiation by a lineage guru, can and should become a daily practice.  For millions of beings around the world, Medicine Buddha is a close, everyday love affair.

If nothing else, let us just know that the ambulance or helo may be carrying another suffering human being, possibly on the edge of their mortal life, and acknowledge this internally.  It makes us a little more human.

I have never had to be transported in an ambulance myself, but decades ago, I followed close behind an ambulance transporting my terminally ill wife from one city to another, and my heart was joined with hers’  as I trailed along.  My wishes were fulfilled, as she lived a few more weeks, allowing us to share our final days together in a way I cannot even describe.  Tomorrow will be the 25th year since her passing.

So the mantra of the Medicine Buddha is thus given:

Tayata Om Bhekandze Bekhandze Maha Bhekandze Bhekandze Randza Sumungate Soha



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