Why not write that book?

I thought that today I would choose a really easy topic for me to write about, one that I hope also will encourage and inspire readers to take that step toward publishing their own first book.  For decades I have had some books turning pages in my mind, all wanting to come out.  I started two or more books writing by hand, and later on an old word processor (pre-dating PC’s).  I researched how to self-publish, researched “vanity publishing,” and each time just threw up my hands, feeling in my busy life I did not have time to do all this “stuff.”  I just wanted to write my books, push a button, and get them on the store shelves!  All those years I published nothing other than a small printed book about Ritual Male Initiation, which went nowhere.  I was really stymied.

I had known about Amazon’s Kindle for quite a while, and “print on demand,” but again I was just too wrapped up in my career and other of life’s distractions to pursue it further.  However, having retired recently, I had time to really look closely at “how to” publish using Amazon’s KDP platform, and after some experimenting, and several trials and errors (which with me is a continuing process), I was amazed to realize that even I could do it – publish my own book all by myself!

I now have two new loves in my life:  Google search and Amazon self-publishing.  I use Google although there are others available as you younger readers certainly know, but these two things have literally opened up new doors for me as I move into my elder years.  As an engineer for some 50 years, I always used my mind everyday for hours, and then when I retired, I wanted to push the gas pedal of my brain but I had no where to go.  Now I do.  Between this blogging (which I really enjoy, and enjoy just for the sheer delight of self-expression, whether or not anyone ever reads my posts), and my new-found book writing/publishing “romance,” I am as happy as a pig in slop!

So let me close by just saying that you too, if you have a good PC or laptop, and a good internet connection, can also step confidently into the book world.  It is EASY!  If any readers have questions, perhaps I can help, so just contact me, ok.

And, oh yes, the photo above:  this is the cover of my latest book, Texas Jazz Triangle, A Historic Nexus:  My Love Affair With The Music, available on Amazon, along with a few others I have happily published.  The singer in the photo is my late wife, Shirley Tennyson-McFatter, who passed 25 years ago.  You can see and hear more of her on my You Tube channel (Joe McFatter).

Peace be with you all today, and always!


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