My Ancestry DNA Results

Recently I updated my DNA report, as prompted on the website.  What a nice surprise I suddenly saw on my screen.  Besides being all Western European, I have one or more ancestors from the Gold Coast / Ghana region of west Africa.

Given that I made a choice back in the 1960’s that I preferred being around African American culture, and married a black woman, and have all these years lived with black women and my godchildren, I said to myself, “well, this does make sense now.”  Of course, I know that having such a tad of DNA from Africa would not pre-destine me to have an affinity for African American culture.  I am still not sure what did, and does, make me feel more at home around black people.  Likely I will never figure that out, but I would answer if asked, “Because they show much greater warmth and feeling, are welcoming of strangers, and are forgiving, and racism is almost non-existent among them.”

DNA has many twists and turns, and certainly it affects phenotype (how we “look”), but ethnicity is so much more complex.

What I do have now is a better feeling of who I am as a human being.  All humans began their journey through time in Africa, long, long ago, but now knowing I have a “recent” real connection does make me feel good.

One of my black godsons said a day ago, “I would have bet on it,” referring to my finding.  Others of my family also felt this confirmed a similar feeling in their hearts.  So it is nice to feel my inheritance is now a little more global, and accords with my present familial environs.

So I had a nice week.

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