Make America Think Again. (MATA)

Many months ago I snapped my fingers and thought real hard, and presto, kazam, I have this invisible bubble that envelops me to protect me from getting daily gobsmacked by all of bullshit coming from that which holds the highest office in our Nation, and his supporters.  But intellectually, I cannot fathom how that which holds the highest office’s base seems to be steady no matter what:  bringing truth I would say to that which he said about standing in the middle of Fifth Avenue and murdering someone, and still being loved by his MAGA’s.  There may now be the beginning of some flaking off of his support, as some polling is detecting signs of a drop, especially after Mueller appeared to say what he already had said in the report that MAGA’s generally refuse to read or even skim, although its readily available on the internet – for free.

I understand how that which holds the Office got elected.  Hell, I admit readily I did not vote.  What kind of a choice, and America YALL decide who you want and be prepared to live with it.  At that time I was a Bernie follower, but thank you Demo machine for totaling ff’ ng things up.  So now we are witnessing and experiencing in all ways the error of our ways, and it could get a lot worse before it changes.

But back to my intellectual curiosity about “his” base and what makes them tick.  As an engineer, with some mathematical awareness born in my distant past studies, I am leaning on this explanation:  that the MAGA base consist of a very large array of people that represent “factors,” with specific agenda “hit list” issues that obviously do not agree with that we in the center and left of center lean toward, and these “factors” combine in an overlapping, matrix.  This matrix has the characteristic that those people falling into “his matrix,” and I might add, trapped in his matrix, have little in common in general but are glued to the matrix by allegiance to their pet factor.  The essence of the superposition of all these pet issues is what is keeping “him” afloat.

However, I think one has to look deeper, and frankly the analysis is way beyond my blogging pay grade, into such things as what news outlets are available to these people in their specific area, how susceptible are many to conspiracy theory psychologically, and of course, their attitudes about what might be called “traditional” values that make women subservient, and long for the day when white men ruled by law and noose.

Given the atrocities being committed by the current Office holder’s on a daily basis, and the failure of the GOP (the New and Fallen from The Creator GOP) to challenge his abominable acts, I can only abide in my conviction that the arc of moral justice is long but sure.  He will pay personally one day.  And I believe this Nation will survive, and many will come to see the error of their ways in backing him.


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