Bottomless moral turpitude.

Bottomless moral turpitude (BMT), the name I will henceforth apply to that which possesses the Oval Office.  To clarify this statement, I choose to use “that” in lieu of the grammatically correct “who”, and carefully chose the word “possess” for good reasons, which I leave the reader to interpret.  Frankly I am not sure this man is human, therefore the choice of “that.”  As for “possess,” picture scenes from The Exorcist, spinning head and “stuff” going everywhere.

Each day I think that tomorrow can bring nothing worst than what we have already seen issuing from BMT’s mouth, but lo, not so fast Dr. Watson, let’s not jump to conclusive assessment just yet.  So yesterday we all heard with our own ears, BMT clearly state that he would be open to receiving information on any political opponent from a foreign entity.  (Of course today as usual he is back tracking, implying we are all idiots for believing what he actually said.)  He said this while sitting in the Oval Office, no less.

A few days ago, in Normandy, with the gravestones of so many of the youth of the Greatest Generation in the background, he spoke against his political rivals in his usual grand, devilish manner, and in doing so violated a basic premise of our political rulebook, of keeping politics on America’s shores, not on foreign soil.  Once again proving he has no moral compass whatsoever.

Then there is his cozying with Vlad.  And his love affair with North Korea’s most cruel ruler.  And friendliness with China’s premier.  All the while putting down all those who bust their tails and risk their lives daily to keep this Nation safe.

Way over 10,000 lies and counting.  I read somewhere that he lies more than you wash your hands everyday.  As for me, I wash my hands a lot.

BMT is just that, without any bottom in the void of his vileness, the depth of his ignorance and narcissism.  BOTTOMLESS.

What blows my mind still though, is that everyone who talks about BMT in the news, including Fox, speaks about him as if he is Not an f-ing psycho.  His actions and statements are treated as if he is somehow a normal person with extreme views and characteristics.  NO!  He is a lunatic of the first order and by that very condition must be removed from the Office.  Unfortunately the Founding Fathers (otherwise known as smart slave owners) did not envision a lunatic being elected within the system they set up to protect sparsely  populated, slave-owning agrarian states (where black people were counted as 3/5’s of a person), called the Electoral College.  Today, thanks to the continuing gerrymandering by racist whites in many states, the lines have continued to be moved to mitigate the votes of person of color, and promote the electoral votes and hegemony of whites.  It’s bad enough that this has given us people like George W. Bush, veritable war criminal, but now look what we have.  There is a way to remove BMT from office – the 25th Amendment – but it could never be invoked in today’s divided climate.

So we will continue to listen and watch BMT sink even further day by day, doing his utter best to take many with him, including his base, who may one day find themselves asking, like Germans of 1947, why they did that.  While the outcome of this mess is not predictable, it is surely true that BMT will be replaced regardless in a few years.  The problem that we “woke” folks are well aware of, is that by then the world may be so f’d up that it will take years to unwind and correct things.  Unfortunately some things cannot be undone, such as the change in our climate, which BMT and his cohorts are gleefully allowing to continue without any checking of our country’s contribution to global warming.

Let’s just pray, miracles do happen.

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