This is Bolton’s and Pompeo’s “Collateral Damage”

On the evening of June 20, 2019, President “BMT” (bottomless moral turpitude) had planes in the air ready to strike Iran.  I guess there is an angel that stung him, prompting him to recall the strike.

The people that will unfortunately die in any strike and assuredly the following war, will be like the caption photo, of a young lady in Tehran (who I do not know….her photo was available on “Unsplash” ).  So is this the kind of person we are willing to send our tax dollars to turn to carbon, explode her body and scatter her parts across the streets?

Iran is Persia, one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, and one of the proudest.  I got to know a few when matriculating in my undergrad days at UT Austin, where at that time, the Shah was still ruling, and many students, and military men, were studying here in the USA.  I became best friends with one guy, who was married to his Iranian bride, a princess of the former dynasty.  They became my best man and maid of honor when I married my late wife in 1971.

Although they split later, and his wife remained in the US and he returned to Tehran.  He is highly educated, the son of a scholar, and went on to found his own business, and travel a large part of the world – except the US, as he could never get a visa again.  I have never seen him since 1972.  But God was willing, and he and I have been able every few years to have a phone call and “catch up” a little.  I last spoke with him January 1st of this year, as he called to wish me Happy NY.  You see many Iranians know much about America, and never bought into the “death to America” slogan of the radicals.  Most Iranians would love to have a peaceful relationship with the US, but they are captives of the extremists.

The question is, are we also captives of the extremists?  What percentage of Americans want a real war with Iran?  Probably many want to once again show “we can’t be pushed around,” but most of those are also the ones who gave no blood or misery to the still ongoing wars running close to 20 years now.  I remember the mass hysteria of those who wanted to attack Iraq, and how they cursed and spit on us anti-war protestors, when all we wanted to do was prevent what we KNEW would happen, and it has.

So now America, what are we? Have we not learned? Do we understand also that a war with Iran will be one we will NEVER win, but in the process may destroy the nation of Iran and turn them into another Syria?  Iranians, including the majority of peaceful, educated Persians, will turn against us if they haven’t already, and the fight with Iran will be one to the death of untold numbers on both sides, as Iranians will fight to the death, every last one, just like Americans would if our homeland was attacked.  Iran is not Afghanistan or Iraq, so we best figure out now if we are captives of his majesty BMT and his neo-cons, or if we want a world that seeks true peace.

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