“The islanders showed us unusual kindness. They built a fire and welcomed us all because it was raining and cold.” – Acts 28:2

The photograph is of a scene at one of America’s Statue of Liberty “satellites,” commonly called detention centers, better called “hell holes.”  I was unable to find a photograph that might better reflect the truly horrid conditions the children who continue to be separated from parents or from non-family adults (no doubt often for reasons of the children’s safety).  However, right today there are first hand reports of children detained and living in squalor, with very young children taking care of toddlers, without diapers, without toothbrushes or paste, without soap nor any of the personal hygiene items that the average free person feels are necessities.  Children are also reportedly suffering with flu and other diseases, with little to no attention (until it’s too late).

How can this be in America?  Why do concerned politicians not highlight this more than just talking about it on the news shows?  They should be picketing these facilities in the very least!  And how is it BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude) guy in the Oval Office can shift billions around without Congress approval to waste it on “big, beautiful walls” and not be able to spend money – even out of his own accounts? – to give toothpaste and diapers to these kids?  And where is our big corporations that got all the tax breaks, who can sponsor racing cars, sports and everything, and they can’t donate what is needed to give these children basic sanitation.

America remember:  all these kids will remember – when they grow up, just how they were treated and by who.  All things come in a circle.

And America, study the history of Central America, and maybe you will come to understand that American companies were the primary cause of the present problems there.  Have you not heard of “banana republics?”  Yes, it all comes full circle, so beware.