Our $20.00 Bill.

Yes, it’s definitely time for a new face on our $20 bill, and the gears were in motion for our own African American Warrior Queen, Harriet Tubman, to appear on new generation bills next year.  And then along came “that which holds the Oval Office – BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude),” who shared his feelings, that the Queen is only worthy of being on a $2 bill, not a Twenty.  BMT is very fond of Andrew Jackson, the current face of the bill.  Jackson, likely a distant cousin of mine, who was an anti-abolitionist and forced all First Americans out of the southeast to “Indian Territory,” one of the sorriest moments (of many) of this land.  Personally I would love to see that white guy buried once and for all.

Think about this.  Non-Hispanic whites in this country account for only 62.5% of the population, and yet ALL our money has nothing but “OWG” (old white guy) faces.  We old white guys need to start loosening our grip on a lot of things in this nation, including the faces on our currency.  The fine print on our money should remind us: “E pluribus Unum” – out of many, one.  While the original intended meaning had to do with the uniting of the original 13 colonies of this land, it now must endure with a new meaning: “out of many colors, one human nation.”

While there is now an investigation into the delay, no doubt we won’t see the incomparable Harriet next year.  But we will see her, no doubt!