What in the F*#@ happened to the Republican Party?

I am in my 70’s and have voted for Democrats in all but one case, when I voted for (the late) Ross Perot, because at the time he seemed like someone who could change the game in DC.  For that distant reason, I can somewhat understand why many people voted for BMT (see my prior blogs:  Bottomless Moral Turpitude) in lieu of HRC.  I confess, I did not vote in the last election, and frankly I do not regret it:  I did not in any way feel like I should vote for the present occupant of the Oval Office, tagged BMT – that was infinitely clear at the time – but I could not subscribe to a continuation of what I knew HRC presented.  I had supported Bernie up until he was no longer in the race, and had donated to his campaign…..when he was out, I was out. I knew BMT would be bad, but no one could have ever guessed just how bad!

BMT at the time was seen by many as a way to upset the table and see what shit fell here, and stuck there.  Many people were fed up with the status quo, especially the same people who are still today unemployed, or working for wages set decades ago, and having family members dying from addiction and lack of access to quality medical care and preventative services.  I can dig the feelings of those people….I feel them.

What kills me today, after all BMT has done and not done – factually, not his invented hype and snake oil bullshit – is why so many of his “base” is still his “base.”

The answer I am sure is multi-faceted and extremely complicated, if we fool ourselves.  Really it is not complex at all.  The fact is that most people who support BMT in the so-called swing states are either people whose ancestors settled far away from people of color for various reasons, or people whose grandparents or great-grandparents were the fairly new WHITE immigrants from Europe, poor and living in the Balkanized neighborhoods of Chicago, New York and other cities teeming with unwashed masses of humanity, of all ethnicities and colors.  In those cities from around 1919 into the 1960’s were scenes of hundreds of what White media dubbed “race riots” (to black people, in today’s terminology, those incidents were domestic terrorism committed by whites on blacks).

The progeny of those people are the over-50 white people in those swing state cities and rural communities of this very day, and anyone who thinks that the racist feelings of their parents and relatives – some of whom were directly involved in beating black women and small children to death, shootings, burning down entire black neighborhoods, dropping bombs from airplanes on Greenwood residents, and hundreds of lynchings – were left by the bloody roadside are entirely, bizarrely naïve.

If this was not true just how in the world does one believe that BMT could be able to positively motivate his MAGA’s, especially at his rallies, as he is doing even as I write this?  Many of these red hats are out and out racists, and the fact is, a large portion of white Americans are racists, or are so totally ignorant of the history of race in this Nation that they have no table to even set their moral compass upon to assess their own feelings about race.

I have also mentioned previously in my blog posts, that the fact that large swaths of this Nation are served predominantly by local conservation stations with feeds piped in from conservative media corps that easily control what is piped to the masses of  information under-served peoples across the Midwest and rural South.  This is quite clear when one hears them answer interview questions, or read their comments on news feeds, parroting information that has come out of the hateful mouths of the “upstream” anchor shows.

On the other hand, their are those people who couch their positive feelings about BMT in financial and economic arguments, even when they themselves are feeling the negative impact of BMT’s trade “policies.”  It is just beyond stupid.  They would cut off their noses to spite their faces rather than admit they don’t have a clue about the truth of the effects of BMT’s machinations.  I guess to them this is the power of positive thinking:  if you repeat a half-truth or total falsification enough, maybe it really will come true to your benefit.  And as long as they feel like things are getting better, or going to get better, they apparently are perfectly ok to see people of color suffer – “not my problem.”  I suspect many of these same people go to some church occasionally, and it is obvious they check their faith in the pews, for they show no compassion beyond that they feel for poor, beleaguered BMT.

And oh Lord, then there are those who are so worried about the Nation “going socialist.”  My gosh, what is Social Security? What is Medicare? What is the VA? What is our national highway system? Get real dummies.  Get WOKE!

Perhaps many of these people may have voted Democratic, or as independents before.  However, most voted Republican I will wager, and still do and still will.  I could understand in the past someone voting for Reagan, but good God, vote for BMT?  What a bunch of frigging hypocrites.

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