Thank you Richard & Mildred Loving!

No that is not the Loving’s above.  The header photograph is from my wedding photo album, marking the beginning of a 25 year marriage to my most beautiful wife, until her passing in 1994.  We married in 1971.

There was another interracial couple who made our marriage possible.  About four years before I married my Queen, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of Mildred and Richard Loving, who had sued Virginia to abolish the State’s law against so-called “miscegenation.”  That ruling struck down similar laws across the US, including Texas, our home State.

Funny  though, at the time we went to get a marriage license in downtown Dallas, we had no idea whether our marriage was indeed legal and whether we would get the license.  As we walked up the steps of the courthouse, we both were silent and tensed.  Looking back I would say we were just really naive, two innocent young people madly in love, wanting to share our joy openly the rest of our lives.  When we started dating in college in 1967, we were unaware of the Court case and totally oblivious to the circumstances that we might have had to contend with, were it not for the Loving’s victory.


Mildred and Richard Loving.

For those interested please Google them; also, there one of two good movies about their story.

It is the bravery and determination of such people, throughout the history of race relations in America, that informs us of the potential We collectively have.  However, we yet have many rivers to cross.

Do you really know your history?

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture, is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey


WHITEY’s, do you know your own history? Your family history?  The history of the area where you are now, where you spent your childhood?  Your school, your university?  If the answer is “not really,” or “I think I do,” then you really need to do some research, for without that knowledge, you are chaff caught in the shifting breeze of life.

For those who do not know who Marcus Garvey was, I will just say, “Go look him up.”  I will say he was one of he wisest men of the 20th Century.  Note that I didn’t say “black man.”  The quotation above applies to any and all people, and today – and this year, the 400th since Africans were brought to Jamestown, Virginia, establishing the vile economic foundation of America and also creating “white people,”  it is especially cogent in the domain of “whiteness.”

The search for your own history I realize may be sketchy.  Many family lineages are pretty tenuous, at best; however, one can often just research the history of the area or locale that you claim as home, assuming you have one of course.  If not, just for “fun,” I suggest picking one or two locales that are familiar, and do a deep dive on their history.

Now when I say history in this post, I mean racist history.  Did you have ancestors who were slave owners? I did.  Did you live in the South? Then, do you have ancestors who were KKK members, or Citizens Council members?  You might be surprised.  Of course in the South a lot of this history many upstanding families now cover up as best they can, but believe me, if you dig deep you may find something surprising.

I grew up around a small town in Texas, Uvalde.  Only this week did I learn that there was a very active “chapter” of the KKK in the town during the early 1920’s.  My father was born in 1920, as a reference.  During those years the KKK had a strangle hold on some major cities in Texas, and lynchings, beatings and other atrocities committed against Blacks, and some Whites who “got out of line,” was very common.  One of the worst cases of lynchings occurred in Waco, Texas; and in Dallas, another lynching, celebrated on picture postcards and witnessed even by women and children took place.  Today people eat burgers at outdoor tables at that very spot, totally unaware of the ghost.

As of right now, I do not know for sure that my own father’s father and his father may have been members of the Uvalde KKK.  Knowing what I know, I do not believe so, although I know my grandfather, who was raised in Louisiana, was typically Southern.  I think I heard the word N_____ maybe twice from any family members my entire life (which is nothing to be proud of.)

So what I am saying, is that for this Nation to even begin to heal the chasm between Blacks and Whites, it is not up to Blacks to do a damn thing, ok.  We Whites must first come to terms with our own histories, as personalized as possible, and ask ourselves, “How did I get to be the way I am today?” and “Am I passing on my status quo to my children and others?”

Many of us believe we are not in any way racist.  Granted our hearts may be in the best place possible, but often our minds are not, because we lack knowledge of our history, and the history of the societal fabric of America.  All of us suffer from “whiteness,” whether we know it or not, and all of us benefit from such privileges.  So I ask, is this fair?  If not, begin to change it by learning and gathering wisdom.

Of course, there are many in America who have no interest in learning the truth.  It is easier to hate.  I even had a reader comment indicating he does not believe in the Jewish holocaust.  Yes, there are such people, even those who believe man did not walk on the moon, that the Earth is flat, and all that.  It is actually pretty easy to deny truth when you refuse to look in the direction of Light.

I pray these people are a dying breed, but the Silver Bullet we must mold and aim at our own hearts, to release the divine love that flows within each person.

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION….(but No, that doesn’t keep the great Causal Chain Churning!)

So Joe Biden wants to find a cure for cancer:  a “Cancer Moonshot” he called it when he was VP.  Sounds great, and I do wish we could, but we certainly will not see the end of cancer (which is an umbrella for over 100 “kinds” of cancer).

To begin with, there is a good question of why we should spend what would be billions looking for “a cure” when there are many other diseases that $$$ probably could probably greatly attenuate, resulting in more lives saved and better living for many more.  Today the cancer research business is just that, an industry.  From fund raisers like Susan G. Komen, who have about a 70% efficiency rating (they consume 30% of every dollar donated), and many other orgs that solicit funds and donate to research causes, very little of the pie goes to PREVENTION research.  Most of the money is going to state of the art labs that continually want fancier machines and more pay to attract “great researchers.”  Get knowledgeable and think before you next donate.  If you really want to save a life, maybe give to a local charity to save lives in your own city……the results are likely much better.

When I say Causal Chain Conspiracy,  I am referring actually to the Great American Hoax:  the links among food growers, food processors, health care (the whole enchilada), pharms and medical (note I did not use the term “health”) insurance industries.  Of course this also has tentacles extending deep into the chemicals, plastics and other industries on the broader scale.

All of the above industries exist and must – in their minds – continue to exist, right?  Why they provide JOBS, but more importantly they provide $$$ to the key people at the top of the pyramid (usually white men).  The “Chain of cause” is the cause and effect linkages of the overall network.  This means of course there is no real interest in finding PREVENTIONS for most of our diseases and health impairments.  So, the guise is the continual search for CURES, which does nothing more than promote the cycle of cause.

Bad chemicals and drugs go into the animals and the plants (even reaching into the organics), eventually leading to health problems; then of course the food industry wants us to buy all the junk on the shelves (and while there are alternative choices at the “better” stores in the “better” areas, most of the people in the inner cities across the country live in food deserts, with only corner stores that mostly sell liquor and gasoline to buy something to fill their tummies with, all of it full of sugar and salt and fats.  No wonder so many poorer folks come down with heart disease and diabetes!  Check this report on diabetes:

I am not going to bore the reader with sketching out all of the relationships of the above industries, “it ain’t rocket science.”

All I can say to Joe is “I know your heart is in the right place, but your brain isn’t.”

Many are so concerned about the cost of medical insurance today, and of course the subject is one of the top of politics, (next to shitting on immigrants):  but any intelligent person can readily discern that the road to reducing cost for all is BETTER PREVENTION and instituting incentives and laws to disrupt the great causal cycle.

Wish ourselves good luck with that.

PS>  Have you ever thought, if we could cure cancer, that means many people live longer requiring greater food supplies right?  So who gets the food in a world where crop production is being daily diminished because of Climate Change?

Genocide & Rape of Our Mother Earth

At the G7 conference this week, a meeting of leaders was convened by France to discuss the fires in the Amazon.  The chair where BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude, that which occupies the Oval Office) would have parked his butt, was empty, as one could have guessed.  The US in effect abdicated its leadership in addressing the continuing genocidal fires and raping of the rain forest of the Amazon.

Of course, those who commit genocide always find a way to rationalize their crimes.  So it is with those who live there.  Here is a very good news story about feelings of many involved directly or indirectly.  Of course, the article says nothing about the First Peoples who live deep in the forest, who are risk of human genocide once again.  Neither does the article address the poor animals dying, many soon to be extinct, and flora potentially possessing the chemicals that could prevent or cure many diseases:  God’s medicine cabinet.

I do not know the solution, but no doubt it will be complex.  However, short of a multi-lateral force invading Brazil and occupying control of the forest, what could be done?  I think boycotting will just harden attitudes of all those whose livings depend on continuing to kill the forest to produce soy and cattle for export.  Brazilian Steak House?  One reason I have been a vegetarian for decades has to do with the environment:  consumption of beef especially (aside from the cruelty) has a major impact on the environment.  Cattle farts add up, ok? Not to mention all the biological and chemical waste that wash into the rivers and into our ocean (singular intended: there is only one ocean!)

The solution has to be one that find’s ways to provide new means of those dependent on these burnings to make a living.  I don’t know what that is, but I know there must be at least one if not many, and the world needs to put its collective brain power to work.  These forests belong to the world, and I will add, that the continued attitudes of all nations that their natural resources belong to only them is the huge predicate for the argument given by those committing the rain forest genocide.  BMT’s recent crimes in changing laws by edict to remove barriers to developing protected areas of the north, along with his overall emphasis on gas, oil and coal, makes the US a leader in this environmental genocide.

It is IMPERATIVE that – if you want a world for your progeny to be one  worth living in – that BMT is voted out of office in 2020, and then indebted for his numerous crimes.

The Racial Miseducation of America’s Children

It seems like eons since I sat in my high school American history class.  At the time, history and government were by far and away my two most un-favorite subjects.  Had I only had wonderful teachers – as I had in my two favorite sujects – math and science – that might have been different, but I did not.  Today I would place the importance of those two right next to the advanced math and physics courses in importance:  the latter two helped me into an engineering career of 50 years.  The first two would have helped me be a better citizen over those years.  I haven’t been in a high school classroom since I graduated, but I have a hunch that what “kids” are being taught today is not far from what I may have been presented with, especially on the subject of the Civil War and slavery, and of course, the well-concealed subject of “whiteness,” and white people’s privileges.

More than half of teachers across America say they are comfortable talking about slavery as a condition, within their classrooms.  But no matter how good the teachers are, or how “open” they are to discussing these difficult subjects, they are challenged and controlled by the laws of their states and local school boards, and totally hamstrung with having to use text books and materials that generally fail grossly to present slavery and its full history and context, especially from the viewpoint of those enslaved.

This study pulls back the covers on the sorry state of what and how America teaches its progeny about these subjects that today continue to divide us at our dinner tables and within our places of worship as well:

I live in Texas, and am a 6th generation version.  Some of my ancestors who moved to Texas before the end of the Civil War, apparently “had” slaves.  One of my G-g-g-grandfathers was a Mississippi plantation owner during the War and had slaves.  After the war he moved to Dallas, and is buried there.  I would love to have seen his eyes when I married my black Queen in Dallas, some 50 years ago.  Only last year did the Texas school book “approvers” vote to give slavery equal footing with “states’ rights” in our new textbooks.  I am happy, but sad and mad about this situation.

The problem across the US is that education is as politicized as any other “social” matter.  When you live in a society that has kept the realities of these subjects and topics essentially under lock and key, and in many states so-called “conservatives” having swallowed the keys, obviously we are years and years from resolving this educational matter.  By not resolving it, we are just renewing the policies of segregation, discrimination, hate and violence and domestic terrorism that are today the hallmarks of America core.

I have faith, though, that one day, the Truths will set America free.  Until that day, let us keep doing what each of us can to make it happen!



Probably the above symbol caught your eyes before you read the title.  I have not seen any surveys conducted regarding the familiarity of the “average American,” especially the younger generations, with the history of the swastika, so I thought for today’s post I would take a stab at bringing attention to this subject, given the rise of neo-Nazis and associated white supremacist groups in Europe and especially here at home.

The symbol above was on the shoulder patch of the United States 45th Infantry during its first 15 years, up to WW2, when it was changed to a gold eagle design since Hitler had co-opted the basic symbol for the Nazis sordid campaign.

The Swastika is known to be some 12,000 years old, in various forms, and is a common symbol in Indian culture, Tibetan Buddhism and some of the First Peoples of this land.  It also can be found elsewhere, and even today appears in many, many locations here in America, long pre-dating Hitler.  The Swastika has varied forms, including the left facing, right facing (as the Nazis chose), and other forms.  Tibetan Buddhism uses the left facing form, whereas the one above, selected by indigenous peoples of the Southwest, was their interpretation.  Over time, the symbol has appeared over a large part of the planet, including the Ashanti kingdom of West Africa.  One of my gurus, Joseph Campbell, addressed the mythology of the Swastika, as has many other academics.  Hitler stole it.

Hitler stole it, and we see how that went.  Yes, his rats scurried here and there, and many of there progeny or adherents no doubt are still in Germany.  Nazis of the old days who eluded the Allies fled to Argentina (where, in 1960, Eichmann was arrested by Israeli agents, taken to Israel, tried, sentenced and hung), and many were admitted and some 1600 scientists and engineers were secretly transported to the US and put to work in pursuit of their military/technical knowledge.  Werner Von Braun was one such German, with questionable background as to the treatment of slave labor used in the V-2 missile production;  he went on to become basically one of the fathers of the US race to the Moon.  (Goes to show, America neither had nor has any particularly higher moral arc than the rest of the world, we merely protected our power interests then and now.)

Shortly after the Berlin wall came down, I was in central Germany on business.  One evening, by chance, I happened to be seated with four Austrians, two couples, about my age at that time.  During the meal, one English-speaking “chap” suddenly asked me what I thought of the Jewish problem.  They could see the shock registered on my face, and dropped the topic like a hot potato.  After that dinner I walked through a local cemetery filled with headstones on graves of German officers of both wars……I secretly hoped my father had put at least one there.  Only a few days ago I read an article written by a Jewish lady in Germany.  I did not know how few Jews live there now, around 250,000, such a low number that few German “Gentiles” (or whatever) even know a Jew, I suppose similar to here in the US (I could count on two hands the Jews I have been acquainted with, and suppose I should do better than that.)  The author of the article described in some detail issues of attitudes toward Jews in Germany today…..not coming from neo-Nazi crowds (of course the Swastika is banned there), but Germans at large.  The situation is not good, and she gave the opinion of things getting worse.  But don’t get me wrong, I do believe that most Germans today are at least “as good” as Americans (if not more so).

I have since a child hated the Nazi Swastika, since I knew my own father had fought them in Italy, dropping tons of bombs on their asses from his B-25.  In 1960, as a teen living at the time in San Diego, a “buddy” of mine took me to the home of a real ex-German officer.  I do not recall seeing any Swastika in his home, but I do recall a lot of military “stuff,” like a sword, and a bunch of silver vases and other nice ware (I was even suspicious about the goods then, but said nothing of course, being only 15 years old.)  I suspect the guy may have been among the 1600 mentioned above, and he may very well have worked at the same plant my father worked at building the Atlas missiles.

So now in America, with a neo-Nazi now as the President, it further reinforces in my mind the bad luck that Hitler brought on his ilk.  Trump (Bottomless Moral Turpitude dude) will soon go under.  The prejudice and hate of those infected by Hitler’s co-opting of a magical symbol, will eventually bring them down also.  There is an old saying, “God doesn’t like ugly,” and although that a great simplification, I believe in its intended meaning.  Time will continue along the slowly rising arc of morality in the world.

The reader might want to check this out:

OFT-SAID: “MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER.” (The Uncanny resemblance of Donald J. Trump to Jim Jones)

A little more than 40 years ago a monster took control of people’s minds, and then murdered them:  917 men, women, children and babies.  The men and women had, by in large, turned their minds over to Jones……I will just simply call it voluntary spiritual slavery, but that of course greatly oversimplifies the situation at Jonestown.

Some of my readers may not have even heard of the Jonestown massacre, and some were not born until well after that fateful day in November, 1978.  So, I would first suggest, so you better understand where I am coming from in today’s blog post, that you read about Jim Jones and Jonestown on the web.  At the time this incident rocked the news media around the world.

Jim Jones gathered followers in Northern California, mostly poor and mostly people of color.  This was all taking place in the middle of the revolutionary movement of those years, which included the Black Panthers, the Symbionese Liberation Army and in 1985 the police bombing and fire storm of MOVE, resulting in several children being burned to death and many adult members being sentenced to very long prison terms.  Jim Jones may be called revolutionary on one hand, but criminally insane is the truth.  I leave it to future juries to decide about BMT (and there will be juries).

The title of this piece:  oh yes, there are many resemblances between Jones and Trump (Bottomless Moral Turpitude, as I prefer to refer to him).  Let’s review just a few.

  1. Megalomania.
  2. Fostered conspiracy theories of being targeted.
  3. Used the power of the pulpit to lie, cheat and steal.
  4. Turned against the United States, and looked to Russia (then the Soviet Union).
  5. Had a “congregation” of followers who felt left out, including many on the lower end of the economic ladder.  The majority of Jones’ followers were poor and Black, searching for something more in life; the majority of Trump’s followers are Whites who feel economically ignored, and poor Whites.
  6. Hired advantaged and wealthy lawyers as foisters of cover stories and promoters of the conspiracy theories.
  7. Stole poor people’s income and medical support:  for different reasons, but to the same effects.
  8. Claimed to be “the Chosen One,” in so many words.
  9. Required total loyalty, and called those who piped up to disagree, “disloyal,” and took severe action against those persons.
  10. Hated politicians who investigated:  Jones had Congressman Leo Ryan and others accompanying him, murdered while they were trying to depart Jonestown.  I don’t know what is in the deranged mind of BMT, but we all heard him say, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody….”
  11. Present a physical appearance of ego, swagger and self-indulgence.
  12. Tore families apart; stole children from parents.
  13. Pitted family members against one another to prove power.
  14. Inner circle all close, white and affiliated with wealth.
  15. Deteriorating mental condition.
  16. Spoke in bafflegab.
  17. Jones fled to Guyana; BMT flees to Mar Lago.
  18. Allegiance to false God:  Jones – self-righteousness; BMT – M-O-N-E-Y.
  19. Jones had the power to cause most of the over 900 followers to commit suicide by drinking his “cool-ade.”  BMT has the power in his hands to destroy the planet.