Complicity in death.

“History has always judged silence and complicity harsely in these times of moral consequence.” – Pramila Jayapal.

There are those who are silent when they know something wrong is happening, and there are those who are directly complicit by purposely creating conditions that impede the prevention of the wrong.  Then there are those who are silent and complicit.

Old white men being silent, being complicit, being silent and complicit:  all share in the guilt of the shootings that are now so common one has to ask “Which?” when someone says, “What do you think about the recent shooting?”

Old white men giving cover for the mentally disturbed, the insanely racist, the bullying husband, the gun peddlers that flood our inner cities with guns.

Old white men looking the other way while a young white man, lost in his crazed hate, feels its his duty to massacre kids and moms shopping for back packs and crayons, and grandparents shopping for curtains for their modest home., all because they are Hispanic.

Old white men protecting BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude……that which occupies the Oval Office).

But is not the average American who remains silent about gun violence and white domestic terrorism sharing in this guilt?  The collective power of Americans can cause the politics to change, needed laws to get passed and keep thousands of Americans from being killed in the near future.  To do nothing, Mr. John or Ms. Jane, at this juncture is the equivalent of Germans doing nothing at the first inflection of Hitler.  Silence is a vote for darkness and death.

It will get much worse, very quickly if YOU do not do something.  Given the access to military firepower, what we have seen so far could pale in comparison to future massacres.  Just think what an Uzi machine gun in each hand of a sick 21 year old would do.  White domestic violence will not continue to be one-sided.  It will lead to violence in the other direction, which could spiral out of control, turning into a low-grade war across this country.  In my 70-odd years I have seen cities burn.  It can happen again, except next time it will not be people burning their own neighborhoods.  We are very close to that now.

What I have to ask is why people are not out in the streets en masse, in opposition to the failure of Congress and the evil of BMT?  Where are the orgs that marched for women in D.C., for instance? Where is “Me Too”?  Where is Black Lives Matter?  Where are all the other social justice orgs that should be joining together to create a massive movement to force Congress to act?  We cannot afford to wait until 2020.  I can assure the reader, it will be too late if we continue to be silent.