America The NOT So Beautiful.

Our flag has always inspired me, and even today, knowing what I know, I look to it for the incipient Dream it represents, the Potential yet to be realized.  In my mind America is Not beautiful, but I do believe one day it will be.  At the same time I feel it may take another 200 years, in the absence of some divine event occurring.

I served my Country as an Air Force officer, honorably discharged.  When I was 4 years old I would stand in the picture show (theater) aisle next to my parents, stand at attention wearing my little military side cap, and salute the Flag and the Anthem that accompanied the screening of the latest B&W film from the Korean war front.  I was very cute.  So, just saying I had an early indoctrination about our Flag.  However, over the decades since my service in the military, I have learned more and more about America, its history, its real values that drove its expansion, and after some time it was clearly revealed to me that America is truly a conundrum.

The real America is not taught to our children, not is it taught to new arrivals on our shores.  We still feed both a plate of lies, disguised as part of the American food pyramid.  For examples, they aren’t taught about the internment of Japanese Americans, Wounded Knee, Emmett Till or how the KKK ran some of the major Southern cities like Dallas back in the 1920’s; nor about the over 200 “race riots’ (a termed coined by white newspapers, for whites terrorizing blacks); nor, also the history of our military expansions and covert activities all over the world; and how America’s big shot CEO’s and greedy politicians created the conditions in Central America that today cause tens of thousands to flee for asylum.  They aren’t taught that most of our presidents – including the GOP’s sweetheart Ronald – were fucking racists, or were willing to bend to racists.  No, today many ignorant (and mostly white) Americans are content to sit on Sundays watching Black athletes, the same ones they would not feel comfortable with at their dining table.  Only when we begin to teach the truths of our history and our present condition, will America change.  Pending that happening, it is up to each of us who has some degree of awareness of the truths, to teach others.

America The Beautiful will not shine until we remove ALL the vestiges of our sordid history from those things that are supposed to be associated with the Beautiful; to wit, we need to replace all the old white men on our money…..all of whom were slave owners or men of the worst kind, such as Andrew Jackson; get rid of all the Confederate statues….move them to museums; and, lastly, but to me most important, replace the Star Spangled Banner with a song that all can rally around…..all who understand the line in the 3rd stanza pertaining to “hired men and slaves” who were fighting on the British side hoping to win their freedom.  White people accept all these overt representations of our history as something to cherish.  Can most Whites even imagine what it would be like if the situation was reversed, with all the figures of history being Black men who had enslaved Whites, and have to see that every time you count your cash?

Ok, that’s just for starters.  Most of all in the present, we must assure that BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude……that which occupies the Oval Office) does not win another term.  And, this very day, we need to hear BMT apologize for ALL the racist comments and speeches he has been making since before he was elected.  Only by him doing that will many of the sickos that follow him with their AR-15’s begin to crawl back into their dark holes.  Mr. BMT, we are watching and waiting.