Which are you?

Some fifty years ago a white teacher in the Midwest concocted an experiment which she proceeded to conduct in her elementary school class.  The brown eyed, blue eyed exercise.

Here is a link about her, and one may find many videos about her on You Tube:

As she says, as so-many sages have said over all time, there is only one race, the human race.  I prefer to say, “the hue-mon race.”

She unlocked the secret to exposing racism for what it is, as her shirt says in this video, “an emotional commitment to ignorance.”  However, her method, as pure and hard as it is, is challenged in shattering the prejudices that have been around for hundreds of years, rendering many whites (and I would add, “Asians”) virtually incapable of recognizing truths about what Blacks endure daily in America.  Prejudices robbing Whites of the ability to fulfill their own human destiny to be whole persons, forming thick scabs over eyes and hearts, totally blocking their innate filter of reason.

Jane’s mission in like is to expose whites to what it might feel like to live as a black person in America, and undoubtedly she has opened the eyes of many, yet many are so infected they cannot even begin to see their own sickness.

This is the root cause of the crisis and dilemma that exist in America today.  Most white Americans fall somewhere on the scale, at one end of which is downright evil racism, and the other end being just ignorance about what prejudice really is.  We see what the those stricken with evil are capable of, and do not expect them to be changed.  However, the average white person can change, but most often resist because they (we) cannot accept nor acknowledge the behaviors they exhibit that directly or indirectly have a negative affectation or consequence for Blacks.

As a small example of unthoughtful behavior a white person might be guilty of doing, is wanting to reach out and touch a black person’s hair – say a Black wearing “dread locks.”  This happens all the time, probably multiple times a day actually, often with the White not even asking first if they can feel the Black’s hair.  Moreover, a similar question might be, “Is that all your hair?”  Now probably many, if not most, Whites will feel there is nothing wrong with this behavior, because they live in a world of cognitive dominance!  They cannot even understand how the Black person may feel, but likely would feel offended if a Black person standing behind them started feeling on their hair.  Think about it.

We Whites also are very often so guilty of trying to render any assertion of prejudice by using the old argument of “equivalency.”  “Oh, well I am just as discriminated as you Ms. Black Lady feel, because the way I dress often causes others to look at me funny.”  Well, Ms. White Lady, you do have the option if you choose to dress differently.  Ms. Black Lady cannot change her “black.”

So I hope more Whites in America will began to wake up to the fact that the world in these United States is NOT all White.  Look into the other person’s eyes – see God in them is the same God in you.