A Bit of Self-aggrandizing this Morning.

Dear Readers, please indulge me today as I wax in some self-promotion.  You know me as a blogger, but likely many do not know I also am a published author.

Are you an engineer? Or perhaps a jazz fan? Maybe like biographies and memoirs? How about biographies of military heroes?  I have published in all those niches.

You may find my books on Amazon.com, and it’s easy just search for “Joe McFatter” in books.

I have enjoyed writing all my life, beginning with required essays in high school (where I usually got an A or sometimes an A+).  Funny thing is when I went on to the university, I had to take basic freshman year composition, and got accused by the graduate student teaching the class of having a ghost writer:  he said it was just too slick, even trite.  I was hurt, but in a way proud.  Through the first 30 years of my engineering career I continued to author technical articles, and dabbled in beginning a few books that I just could not follow through on for lack of time, plus having other life “distractions,” such as my wife passing away.  Last year I retired from that career, and am happy to rest on my laurels.  However, a retiree must stay mentally active, so I once again took up writing; hence, this blog, and writing books.

So, if you are interested, go check out my books on Amazon, and I do hope you try one or two.  They never will be “best sellers” and that was never my intent.  My joy is putting out into the universe my stories, and the wind will carry them here and there over time, perhaps imparting a bit of wisdom that may change a life or two.

By the way, I found the header photograph of some old guy and just thought he would make a good lead in.  Does look a little like me though.

Have a splendid day!