AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION….(but No, that doesn’t keep the great Causal Chain Churning!)

So Joe Biden wants to find a cure for cancer:  a “Cancer Moonshot” he called it when he was VP.  Sounds great, and I do wish we could, but we certainly will not see the end of cancer (which is an umbrella for over 100 “kinds” of cancer).

To begin with, there is a good question of why we should spend what would be billions looking for “a cure” when there are many other diseases that $$$ probably could probably greatly attenuate, resulting in more lives saved and better living for many more.  Today the cancer research business is just that, an industry.  From fund raisers like Susan G. Komen, who have about a 70% efficiency rating (they consume 30% of every dollar donated), and many other orgs that solicit funds and donate to research causes, very little of the pie goes to PREVENTION research.  Most of the money is going to state of the art labs that continually want fancier machines and more pay to attract “great researchers.”  Get knowledgeable and think before you next donate.  If you really want to save a life, maybe give to a local charity to save lives in your own city……the results are likely much better.

When I say Causal Chain Conspiracy,  I am referring actually to the Great American Hoax:  the links among food growers, food processors, health care (the whole enchilada), pharms and medical (note I did not use the term “health”) insurance industries.  Of course this also has tentacles extending deep into the chemicals, plastics and other industries on the broader scale.

All of the above industries exist and must – in their minds – continue to exist, right?  Why they provide JOBS, but more importantly they provide $$$ to the key people at the top of the pyramid (usually white men).  The “Chain of cause” is the cause and effect linkages of the overall network.  This means of course there is no real interest in finding PREVENTIONS for most of our diseases and health impairments.  So, the guise is the continual search for CURES, which does nothing more than promote the cycle of cause.

Bad chemicals and drugs go into the animals and the plants (even reaching into the organics), eventually leading to health problems; then of course the food industry wants us to buy all the junk on the shelves (and while there are alternative choices at the “better” stores in the “better” areas, most of the people in the inner cities across the country live in food deserts, with only corner stores that mostly sell liquor and gasoline to buy something to fill their tummies with, all of it full of sugar and salt and fats.  No wonder so many poorer folks come down with heart disease and diabetes!  Check this report on diabetes:

I am not going to bore the reader with sketching out all of the relationships of the above industries, “it ain’t rocket science.”

All I can say to Joe is “I know your heart is in the right place, but your brain isn’t.”

Many are so concerned about the cost of medical insurance today, and of course the subject is one of the top of politics, (next to shitting on immigrants):  but any intelligent person can readily discern that the road to reducing cost for all is BETTER PREVENTION and instituting incentives and laws to disrupt the great causal cycle.

Wish ourselves good luck with that.

PS>  Have you ever thought, if we could cure cancer, that means many people live longer requiring greater food supplies right?  So who gets the food in a world where crop production is being daily diminished because of Climate Change?

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