Thank you Richard & Mildred Loving!

No that is not the Loving’s above.  The header photograph is from my wedding photo album, marking the beginning of a 25 year marriage to my most beautiful wife, until her passing in 1994.  We married in 1971.

There was another interracial couple who made our marriage possible.  About four years before I married my Queen, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of Mildred and Richard Loving, who had sued Virginia to abolish the State’s law against so-called “miscegenation.”  That ruling struck down similar laws across the US, including Texas, our home State.

Funny  though, at the time we went to get a marriage license in downtown Dallas, we had no idea whether our marriage was indeed legal and whether we would get the license.  As we walked up the steps of the courthouse, we both were silent and tensed.  Looking back I would say we were just really naive, two innocent young people madly in love, wanting to share our joy openly the rest of our lives.  When we started dating in college in 1967, we were unaware of the Court case and totally oblivious to the circumstances that we might have had to contend with, were it not for the Loving’s victory.


Mildred and Richard Loving.

For those interested please Google them; also, there one of two good movies about their story.

It is the bravery and determination of such people, throughout the history of race relations in America, that informs us of the potential We collectively have.  However, we yet have many rivers to cross.

One thought on “Thank you Richard & Mildred Loving!

  1. My wife and I go the other way, she is white and I am black. I don’t know what the status was in California in regard to inter racial marriage. We got married in 1989 and the only time we have had a problem was when we were in a little town outside of New Orleans..I think it was Algiers, across the river from New Orleans….


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