If it WALKS like a Duck, QUACKS like a Duck & POOPS like a Duck…..

It’s Bottomless Moral Turpitude (BMT) in a DUCK SUIT!

(For any new readers:  BMT is that which occupies the Oval Office.)

How much more DUCK POOP is America going to tolerate?  It’s already so slippery that many of his own base are deciding to stop following his ass, like little ugly ducklings all!

But on the other hand, there are so many others who would sell their souls to the Duck Devil and keep sliding in his mess, rather than admit they have made a grievous life mistake.  Even Ducks appear to have egos (or, eggos?).


Why Can’t People Just Be Animals – Like We Used to Be?

We all began as animals.  Fact, not fake news.

Now we humans think we are somehow above the “animal kingdom.”  Why, I really do not understand.

Animals are capable, in their own ways, of intelligently exhibiting all the wonderful qualities we claim to possess, but without the cruelty, craziness, selfishness and hate that largely characterizes human population.  Sure, animals can be “cruel” – nature has cruelty built-in, but it only comes out as a means of survival – not for “fun.”

Animals do not know “racism.”  Just like human children do not until they are programmed by adults and society.  The brown gibbon in the photo does not see the other black gibbon as any but another gibbon.  Color blind.

Animals see we humans through their own eyes, and we populate their environment…..we can be their pets, or be their prey in some areas, for after all we were animals and their food supply eons ago in Africa.  But they did not kill us just for sport.

Here is a wonderful documentary about a gibbon in India, I hope you will take the time to watch, as it shows just how they relate to us – to bad we can’t relate this way to fellow humans:


Substitute “WHISTLE BLOWER” FOR “somebody”

Who could even fathom in this BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude) dystopian civil war we are living through, that such an incident as titled above could actually happen.  Trump has threatened the lives of the Whistle Blower and anyone who gave WB information, openly, and its all on tape.  Given that he cannot be arrested for any crime while in office, he could – and I would not put it past him given his mental degradation – arrange to kill the person himself in the middle of Fifth Avenue, and then give a thumbs up.

And his base would cheer!

So my reading of all this is two things:  BMT is just literally crazy; and, most of his supporters are quite ok with domestic political terrorism to maintain their White status quo, and could care less about the Constitution other than the “right to bear arms.”

This Nation is in dire straights.  What this Presidency has shown us is that the Constitution could never have fathomed a lunatic in office, supported by a large segment of the electorate.  Of course IMPEACHMENT proceedings are the path required by the Constitution, but UNLESS Republicans in the Senate come out and actually uphold their OATH of OFFICE, he will not be impeached.  I pray I am wrong that they will not.

Without impeachment, BMT does have a good chance of re-election, especially playing dirty as we know he will.  And, even if he lost the election, he will find every way he can to tie up the election in court – his SCOTUS.

While we know that at least in five years he will be gone, I cannot even imagine the further ruination he will foster on America in that period.

But I still have faith, and I know “God don’t like ugly.”

“Twas the Night Before Christmas….”

December 24, 1865, some eight months after the end of the Civil War, six Confederates of Scottish descent created the Ku Klux Klan.  The fact of the date of their “work” in itself seems to contain a hidden message of a “present” – a gift of sheer evilness – that they offered.  It is said that originally these six young men formed their Ku Klux Klan (derived from Scottish lexicon) as only a social club, intended for drinking and flirting with young “ladies.”  Within a few months, however, apparently the idea itself burgeoned, and in 1866 the First KKK era took off with a vengeance.  Virtually left with nothing after the War, disenfranchised Confederates were drawn to this new idea like moths to a fire.

In that first year a former Confederate general, Nathan Forrest, who is still celebrated by State law in Tennessee, was elected the first Grand “whatever.”  After the creation of the KKK, it “enjoyed” a reign of terror over black people, carpetbaggers and others for a number of years before being tamped down.  Then around 1920, it came back from below ground, and suddenly was growing exponentially across the South and well beyond.  In the early ’20’s it was the largest political group in the Nation, and literally controlled many cities across the South, including Dallas, where I spent most of my adulthood.  Then again it lost favor after several decades.  Then it sprang up again after the Civil Rights era, and today’s green lighting by BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude….aka that which occupies the Oval Office), it must once again be closely watched.


The fact that a large number of Confederates were of Scottish descent troubles me immensely, being of that same vein.  Here is a documentary film that explores this aspect:

(I don’t know why the image is vignetted.)

The Klan has always been a “family affair”:




Migrating away: SOUL SUCKING J.O.B.s Part 3

As my regular readers might guess, I am a logical person, but with strong mystical proclivities…..a rather strange “affliction.”  The late Joseph Campbell (quoted above) was one of my “gurus,” and I do believe he indeed lived a life in tune with his bliss.  (If interested, you can Google him.)  Of all the sage advice he offered, “follow your bliss” was an arrow to my own soul.  I have endeavored, even though I rode a career in engineering into the sunset, to do my best “on the side,” doing “things” that warm and nourish my soul, making my routine job tolerable.

But had I had someone to directly mentor me early in my adult life, I think I may have taken a different course in life.  I grew up as a country boy, the only son of a working class family.  My father, my hero (about who I recently wrote a book, “The House Daddy Built”), was always working and really did not have the background to mentor me, other than living his life as an example that I followed to a large degree.  Today however, there are opportunities for youth and even adults to find mentors, specifically “life coaches.” Opportunities abound for you younger people to network with those who already have found the secrets you seek.

There are also “tons and tons” of information on the internet that one can explore at will, free of charge usually, to mentor oneself.  The goal of such coaching, whether you pay for it or acquire such at least cost, of course is to help you in your search for that which will water your soul, and inform as to what you need to do to realize your new goals.  It’s good to have goals, as all of us know, but having goals that excite you and allow you to visualize an entirely different way of work and living (which really should be one word, not two….e.g., “wiving“?) will put you on the coolest road trip.  So please do not confuse the search for that which will bring you bliss and a living with “retooling/retraining” for some other J.O.B. that may pay more and be more stable than what you have now.  Really you can look at doing both, at least up to a point, then migrate to that which will bring bliss.  Also understand that it is better to adjust your lifestyle, reducing expenses, if that gets you closer to your dreams.

So do not despair if you are in one of those SOUL SUCKING JOBS:  there is always a way out, if you really, really, really want to make a change.  If you are married with children, yes it will be more difficult, but just think how happy the family will be if you are always happy in your “wiving.”

Good Luck!


Ten sure signs you are in a SOUL SUCKING job, in case you haven’t awakened to your situation:

  1.  You get to work right “on time” and leave “right on time” punctually.
  2.  You get to work early and leave late regularly.
  3.   Go for walks at lunch.
  4.   Have to go to the gym almost every day.
  5.   Look forward to lunchtime with the gang daily.
  6.   Spend more time fantasizing about the guy or woman that seems to have caught your eye at the workplace:  maybe its her bending over your desk to use your pencil sharpener, or you noticing his big hands and nice Polos?
  7. Not focused in meetings.
  8. Taking naps at lunchtime at your desk.
  9. Staying on social media way to much during the day.
  10. Memory lapses:  forgot its your day to pick up the children from school?

All of theses signs, and many more, may be indications that you do not love what your are being paid to do, meaning YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING YOUR BLISS!

Footnotes to the list:

a.  #1 and #2:  no contradiction….my point is that if you are doing “work” that fluffs your bliss, then the sense of time is lost altogether, and such terms as early, on time, or late become moot.

b.  #3-#10:  Indicate deep down your happiness with your work and life are not on a path of bliss, and your mind is looking for escape portals.

Change is possible, and each day is a blessing not to be squandered.

P.S.>The world is indebted to Steve Jobs in my opinion, but loving what you do is not the ultimate goal of a “non-soul sucking job.”  We should aspire toward a bliss that rewards not only our intellect, but our soul, which I believe requires extending unconditional love and support to others, including co-workers if we work in a team environment.

Neo-Nazis (Nazis) Claim to be ARYANS. Huummmm.

I watched an excellent documentary film two evenings ago, titled The Aryans, by Mo Asumang.  Mo is a German of mixed parentage, her father being from Ghana and her mother white German.  Her mother was in the Nazi “SS,” and her father was a German officer.  Mo decided she had had enough of neo-Nazi racists in her own land, so embarked on making a film about Nazis, Aryans and hate groups, including the KKK in the US.  She even went to Iran, in search of “real Aryans.”

Prior to watching this film, then doing some research on the web, I had always believed that yes, Aryans were “Caucasians” who at one time lived somewhere north of India, and many thousands of years ago had migrated into the Indian continent, eventually changing India’s complexion, religions and instituting the caste system.  From what I have read, although many Indians themselves cling to this theory, probably helped along by 19th Century British and other European “scholars,” the truth may be far from that.

Moreover, it appears that Iranians, Persians, have a claim on being the original Aryans, although that in itself appears to be very contentious.

Mo bought a ticket  and traveled to Iran, then went out in the countryside and found some folk to claim to be real Aryans.  Who am I to doubt them, nor did she.  Who really knows?  The real Aryans seem to be almost mythical, like so much of world history that we have been taught as fact.  We forget how old civilizations are, and each having its own origins story, which have been played over and over through time, rewritten, enhanced and offered up as nationalistic rhetoric each time the land passed into new powers.

So, basically Mo proved what she already knew: that the Nazi and “German fraternities” claims about being “real Germans” and rooted in “Aryan stock” was basically bullshit created by one little mustached, dark haired, dark eyed idiot (at least he could have bleached his hair to emulate what “Aryans” are supposed to look like, blue-eyed (as I am) blondes (I am not).

What was an eye opener in her film was just how pervasive these hate groups and quasi-hate group “fraternities” are around Germany.  There are even areas controlled by neo-Nazis…..small villages….where “non Whites” and Jews are told not to tread.  A bit scary, for sure.  I guess my father in his B-25 and his outfit of the 57th Bombardment Wing missed a few of these guys granddads when he was bombing their asses in Italy.  But then, you can’t kill an idea, good or evil, with bombs.

Mo boarded another airplane to wing the pond, to interview a creep whose name I shall not repeat, as he doesn’t deserve any mention, but his words were so vile and wrong that I cannot even find my own words to comment.

What Mo showed, as I already knew, is that generally these “Aryans” are nothing more than men (and sometimes women) who are losers in our society:  losers with getting friends who aren’t losers, getting girlfriends, ones who likely were bullied in school, ones who had poor parenting or none at all, generally guys looking to blame their shitty existence on.  So if you can do that and wear Halloween costumes, whoa, now that’s life, right?

As for the KKK, I will write about them another day.  The origins of the KKK are amusing, but not what they did over the next 100 years.  Aryans? No.  Scottish like me.  Yes.  Sadly.

Anyway, I am still looking to find the real Aryans, and if I do, I will let you all know.