Humans, Earth’s Greatest Pest!

Taking a cue from supermarket tabloids this morning, hence the eye-catcher.  Kind of sums up most humans in my opinion:  hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil;  which has various interpretations in my mind, likely yours also.  Kind of hard to find an image of a “human pest” however, hence the stretch on linking imagery to today’s subject.

I was reading this morning an article having to do with early humans in Europe, and their possible interaction and breeding with Neanderthals.  I guess “breeding” is appropriate, and I hope PC?  Not sure what one correctly calls inter-species contact in this case.  So the article had a statement two scientists made, saying that humans were the greatest pests on Earth, since we spread so quickly and everywhere we have gone to we have rendered countless other species extinct.  As to the extinction of Neanderthals, after we Europeans (non-African:  thank goodness there still was uncontaminated humans back home!) gleaned some of their stagnant DNA (due to their interbreeding incestuously and their diminishing population leading up to the demise), we humans ate the Neanderthals out of cave and home, basically causing them to die off due to starvation.  (Humans seem to love to murder, and often eat, our closest cousins, the chimpanzee, the orangutan, the gorilla……and in spite of an awakening of consciousness decades ago, we continue to do so either directly, or by decimating their home forest and environment.)  Then we went on to do the same to numerous species roaming the Earth across Europe during those thousands of years.  Of course, climate change back then helped (what better lesson do we need as to the Climate Change we are in right now?)

So around the world this has gone on, but by in large the major strain of human culprits has been Europeans and Europeans in the New World.  Maybe it’s just in our nature, having come from cold caves and having to constantly be moving following the great beasts we slew to eat, that we just have in our nature to continue to roam and kill willy nilly?  I think so, not having any other logical reason (thanks “Occam’s razor”).  And, while doing all this moving around, we have spread a myriad of diseases, creating plagues that wiped out other beautiful groups of humans who beat the Euro’s to the bounty of this New World.  What better definition of pests does one need?

Oh, but you say we are created in the image of God?  Really?



Football, Baseball, Soccer & Mass Murder – America’s Sports


(This post was originally published  9-03-2019)

I apologize for being so blunt.  But to equivocate in this discussion is nothing short of criminal in itself.  Let me add, also, that the No. 1 “sportsman” in this game are WHITE MEN SOUTH OF 40.  The face of DOMESTIC TERRORISM AND MASS SLAUGHTER.  Whether it’s deranged or just plain EVIL demons or equally deranged neo-Nazis, WHITE SUPREMISTS, or so-called MILITIAS…..oh, did I forget KKK?, these are the kings of the new American sport!  SO WHEN IS CONGRESS GOING TO PASS DOMESTIC TERRORISM LAWS AND GET RID OF THE MACHINES THESE DEVILS USE TO KILL BABIES, GRANDMOTHERS AND COLLEGE SWEETHEARTS??!!!  The ONLY thing standing in the way of that is $$$$$$$$$$ given to certain Congressmen by certain lobbies, of course the NRA being the most prominent culprit.

It is estimated there are up to 10-million AR-15’s owned by Americans.  I do not understand this, as an ex-military officer, ex-hunter and having had my first rifle at the age of nine, as a country boy growing up in the 1950’s.  That rifle was a single shot 22, bolt-action Remington, one that I had many years as a keepsake until it was accidentally broken, so I chunked it.  With all the other thousands of types of guns available – and Americans have some 300-million – why would anyone want this military semi-automatic weapon?  I suppose it’s like having the hottest soccer shoes, or the latest powerful sports car or the fanciest and most expensive wrist watch? I really don’t get it.

Some people say its a great hunting rifle, because it can be broken down and carried easily back-packing.  You know, when I was a boy we roamed over very rugged and rocky SW Texas hills hunting dear with “regular” rifles, so unless you are shooting your own Tom Cruise-like action film, I still don’t get why you need this military weapon to kill Bambi.  If you can’t carry a conventional rifle in, how are you going to get a 150-pound dear carcass out?  Go figure.

No, the real reason most of the AR owners have them is FEAR.  Fear that the bad guys have them, so must have an equal or better counter-measure, right?  Now anyone familiar at all with guns knows that an AR is not what you can effectively use to respond to a houses break-in, or hearing something downstairs at night, or whatever.  So just where would you intend to confront the bad guys?  Or, do you intend to fight off black helos descending on your street at night, as the “deep state” closes in own your WHITE rights??  My retort to such arguments, is “grow some cajones!  You damn sure do not need a military kick-down doors weapon to defend your families.  (I do not own a gun anymore and haven’t for many years, but I do have other means of self-defense, and feel totally comfortable.)

I fully support removing all these military knockoffs from society.  It was never intended that the 2nd Amendment promote slaughter of Americans, and that is only what all these guns are good for.  I suggest a buy-back, or tax credit, so that owners are not left without compensation.  My God, money spent to do this would pale in comparison to the value of human lives and injuries and mental and emotional family anguish suffered today!

I suggest my readers take a look at this article, and understand what these guns are capable of doing to flesh:

Where is Reason in American minds?