What Tha BLEEP! Pharma ripoffs of Americans.

I take a couple of drugs daily, and have for several years.  For most of those years I was having to pay a price of “X” at one of the major drug store chains.  Recently I discovered through an acquaintance a website called Goodrx, so I checked it out.  I was blown away and angry after seeing the pricing available versus what I, and likely millions and millions of other Americans, have been paying at the counter for our prescriptions.

Here is a clip from the Goodrx site:

drug prices

So just by printing a coupon and taking it to the pharmacy, you can buy this particular drug for a mere fraction of so-called retail prices.  Note the HUGE pricing at major drug store chains.  Have you ever had a pharmacist suggest to you that you consider going with the coupon route? I never have, although I have had one or two dispensers give me a “break” on pricing when they see I am on Medicare A/B only.  Now, for those of you readers who may have a Medicare Part D plan, or if you have friends or relatives on such a plan, I HIGHLY recommend you do a thorough analysis of annual cost of keeping D versus going naked and using these simple coupons!

The QUESTION I have is “what tha BLEEP” is going on, that these companies are allowed to continually rip off unsuspecting Americans, many of whom have very, very limited resources?? This should be criminal…..but No, it’s our great American health system.  Anyone knows you can drive across the southern border or norther border and buy the same drugs or equal for a penny on the dollar.  America, we are being jacked up every time we go for a refill.  I pray we can get this changed in 2020.


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