Thanks to the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion of WW2 our soldiers finally got the letters and packages from home that had been backed up in a warehouse for some two years!

The “Six Triple Eight” was an all African American female battalion, commanded by Charity Adams, who by the end of the war was the highest ranking black woman in the Army.

These black women did their job remarkably well, in fact, superbly, accomplishing assignments in half the time the Army had directed.  However, we can be certain that our soldiers who finally got an old package gave little thought to the “mail carriers,” and likely had no kind words for the Army’s ability to get the mail through.

A few weeks after Victory Europe day, three of these great ladies were killed in France in a jeep accident.  They are all interred at the Normandy American Cemetery, France.  They are 3 of 4 on the only women buried there.

Here are links you may want to peruse:

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