I realize few people will read this post, and perhaps fewer even care, but I am compelled to salute this man, a Texan, a gentleman, a true liberal, and a consummate warrior for Peace. RAMSEY CLARK, today 91 and living a peaceful life in New York, is one fellow Texan that I have the greatest admiration for.

Anyone who considers themselves a Democrat in the sense of meaning in today’s climate, must know the record of liberal activism.   Mr. Clark, one-time Attorney General Clark, was and is one of the best examples of valor in confronting the face of American majority public opinion, challenging and helping correct the course of this Nation when it strayed, as it did a number of times during his career.

Since his record is well-documented, even in a documentary film, “Citizen Clark……A Life of Principle,” I won’t write anymore today, but will leave a few links.

Mr. Clark hails from Dallas, mainly my home for many years, and I am very proud, given the negative record the City has on so many points, that we who believe in truth, peace and reconciliation, who were reviled, cursed and spit upon when we protested Bush’s attack on Iraq, can say, “He’s one of us.”

Ramsey Clark at 90: America’s Most Liberal Attorney General and Veteran West Villager (Part 1)