A Purposeful Life

Last evening I watched a film titled, “Find Me.”  It was, I suppose, what might be called a “chick flick,” but of course that moniker is, I suspect, not “PC” today, so forgive me, let’s just say it was a movie dealing with feelings; moreover, it deals with giving unconditionally – and finding purpose in one’s life.  It is a cute movie, funny, sad and yet very redeeming.  But, I am not here to review the film, only to borrow from its theme, to talk about living a purposeful life.

What does it even mean, “purposeful life?”  So we can come at this many ways really.  The term is a corollary of “the meaning of life.”  Why am I here, on this particular planet, right now?  Surely there must be a reason!  There is,  but unfortunately many of us around the world may not even have the luxury of creating a space for that question to arise in our mind.  This, in my mind, gives credence to the concept of reincarnation:  I believe each sentient being, humans and animals with some level of consciousness, are on a journey of seeking their ultimate purpose for existence.  For those beings not yet human, the cycles will be countless, as they return again and again to learn and advance, with their consciousness evolving more and more with each coming and going.  For humans who are not able due to the hardships of life, for the incipient thought of “why” to blossom, they in time will reach that potential.  It is a “potential” only, the potential for the question to arise as to “why am I here?” But at some point, in each person’s mind, eventually that thought will push through.

Regardless of whether you subscribe to reincarnation as a description of our existence now, or infinitely, depending on your present beliefs, I know that eventually your spirit energy will reach the edge of the vast void, where you are forced to look deep into that chasm of the unknown – call it God if you wish – and ask, “Why?”  It is the most beautiful question one can ask of the “Universe,” for the reason that the answer contains profundities that are infinitely simple, yet infinitely affirming.

Perhaps for those who believe in a Judeo-Christian or Islamic heavens (funny, are these different?), they will assert that all they need to do is “follow God’s law” and believe, and there is no need to try and attempt answering the question I have posed, for it will be “revealed” at the end of one’s life on Earth.  Perhaps.

There are many identifiable man-made religions and paths, and within those each adherent charts his or  her own course.  Others of us are like leaves falling to the ground in autumn, subject to all the shifting of the fall breeze, blowing in the wind.  Others of us have arrived at the point, the juncture in that place that is at the intersection of love and non-self awareness, beyond the intersections of the planes of time, space and gravity, where we are open to all the possibilities of Life, the manifest universe and the non-manifest universe, and are asking “Why?”

I do not yet know the answer, and if I did perhaps one vow I had made with the Universe was not to reveal it, for each person has their own answer, that is just for them only, that must be searched for as long as it takes, but with the certainty that it will be found.

So, let’s continue on our journeys, but Spirit informs that if we all hold hands, our collective Light on the road ahead will be so much brighter through the synergy of Love.

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