SPRAYING US WITH RADIOACTIVE WASTE! (just kidding)….the BUSINESS of Conspiracy Theories

Several years back while wasting time surfing the web, I happened on to a site run by “chemtrail enthusiasts.”  Being an engineer, ex-Air Force guy, I interjected a comment or two on their forum, attempting to lend some rational input to what I perceived as their bunk (as in “horse poop”).  Well, excuse me, I apparently had crossed a “red line,” as I was immediately attacked and told not to come back, “EXCUSE me, thank you very much, bye!” Here is a Wiki link about chemtrails:


Today it seems we live in a potpourri of conspiracy theories.  My favorite one is the “Deep State” in our federal government that is trying to do in one each Mr. BMT (aka, Bottomless Moral Turpitude….that which occupies the Oval Office).  Apparently a large number within his base believe this.  Of course many also believe “Pizzagate” was real.

The list of conspiracy theories is long.  Here is another Wiki link on the subject:


I am not here to say that conspiracies do not exist, especially when it comes to white supremacy in America “doing things” to Blacks over many decades, such as the Tuskegee Experiment:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuskegee_syphilis_experiment

However, I find that these theories more often than not use fallacious information, and present arguments from sheer ignorance.  The mode more often than not is the proponents of a theory use a distorted form of reverse logic and “reverse engineering” – often appealing greatly to the subjective aspects over objective, to build their theory, and from their spin corollaries that weave into their dark theories.

Likely most of us at one time or another have felt there is some “conspiracy” behind some issue we take notice of.  Speculation is great, but forming a virtual ontology from bull shit isn’t, ok.

The secret to eliminating most conspiracy theories would, of course, be transparency of information, but woe…..information equals money, so we won’t do any banking on that notion.  Of course, our own government is full of secrets, but all those are in the interests of we citizens, right?  LOL.

So, as long as there are human beings, their will be conspiracy theories, and being that this is the United States of A-MONEY, there will always be those who make a living off other peoples ignorance.

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