“Have you murdered and also inherited?”

The quote from the Bible, Kings 21:29, invoked by David Ben-Gurion, the first leader of the new Israel, in negotiating German reparations, applies as well to the issue of REPARATIONS for African Americans.

I wrote about Reparations (the United States to African Americans) previously on July 7th of this year, but after reading an article yesterday I am moved to revisit the topic, and likely will more than once in the future:  over 400 years in the making, the deeds that created the shame on White America will not just vanish under the blood soaked soil, even if the debt could be fully paid.


I agree with everything in this brief article, except in that reparations should be thought of, rightly so, not as compensation to the families of actual slaves, but rather to ALL African Americans, for slavery created conditions and kinetic atrocities inflicted on the totality of black Americans up to today, and no doubt out of sight into the future, short of an epiphany occurring within white America.  An attack on one Black person by a racist White is in effect an attack on all African Americans (and today, African immigrants as well).  And the crime committed weighs the scale of Souls of all White Americans who do not do something, however small, to offset each such act.  Likely many or most Whites will have trouble understanding this concept, but such devils as KKK, neo-Nazis and “free lance” haters – men who are absolute “losers” – feel they are acting on behalf of the “white race,” and it is our collective white conscience that must remedy such atrocities.

Being White we are indebted regardless of whether our ancestors had a direct stake in slavery.  (Mine did.)  But even those European immigrants in the North benefited from the labor of Africans in America, and collectively the collateral and capital accumulated by all Whites in some way are originally tied to the mighty cotton industry leading up to the Civil War.  After the War, terrorist attacks across the US have gone on for over 150 years and are still occurring to the present (particularly on-line threats) attempting to gut Black America (of course this only has made Black Americans stronger in Faith, Spirit and Determination, clear in their destiny, manifesting in a broad coalition of groups like Black Lives Matter today).

When I saw the above article on Yahoo News (yes, I admit to still perusing it in spite of all the hateful comments to various reports – it seems to be the hangout for MAGA types), I took note of a few reactions that I know are so common among many Whites:  such as Blacks have been compensated already via Affirmative Action and “reverse racism,” et cetera.  The well of ignorance of we Whites is deep.  We look from the bottom of that well and are so blinded by the glare of our own whiteness we cannot see the truth in the Heavenly sky above the well.

So, tell me “commentators,” how did affirmative action, which has essentially been killed, make up for the hundreds of beatings, severed feet and hands, never ending rapes of black females by white men since slavery began in North America……not to mention the hundreds of so-called “race riots” (Whites apparently felt so guilty their newspapers had to imply some “balance” in these incidents that resulted in thousands of Blacks being murdered and their homes burned to the ground), and thousands of lynchings (including festival lynchings where black men and women were tortured, such as having chunks of their flesh ripped away with pliers, their genitals cut off and stuffed in their mouths, then lynched while being burned, all for the amusement of hundreds of Whites who bought tickets to these events)?

How can reparations be made?  First, it is up to Black people to decide that.  Reparations will “happen,” if not soon, it will as people of color become the ultimate majority minority across the Land.  For the time being, Whites need to work on themselves, get educated on their own Whiteness, and maybe even invite a black family over for dinner.  Wow, that’s asking a lot.

A National starting point would be for the NEXT President to officially apologize on behalf of the Country, and the establishing of a National Remembrance holiday.

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