Dear Gen X, Y and Z….

This cartoon is definitely cringeworthy for our American society at large.  Now that I am retired, with the very notion of a J.O.B. teetering on the horizon of my memory, I am compelled to speak on this issue before I entirely wipe it from my data banks.

My last J.O.B. was one of those soul suckers:  paid marvelously, no traveling involved, a 30 minute auto commute, working on what should have been the ideal “last job” by most measures.  But it sucked.  On my off time I spent hours searching for another job that had similar compensation, but woe, I was at the near pinnacle of pay, and firms only look for younger folks… you guys, X, Y, Z.

I was already 70 when I took this job, and I took it out of necessity due to financial troubles, moving four hours away to another city.  Gosh, I hate moving!

Enough about that last J.O.B., or I should say, “the Last Stand.”  What I want to say to you all is, “Don’t go on this way!”  I was my own worst enemy, so don’t let you be your own worst.  I thought I had a professional career (being a licensed engineer), which again, by traditional standards I did.  I had a good run too, but looking back, I see that I could have looked harder at changing my circumstances, and not just have been on automatic pilot like the rest of us Boomers: get married, buy a house, get cars, get dogs, spend all you make every month and more.  Get drunk on weekends after mowing the yard.  Oh, and “kids.” Oh.

There ARE other ways to live your lives.  Unfortunately, Millennials, you may be far along on your “do what Dad and Mom did” fortune, to easily change.  BUT YOU CAN TOO!

As for Gen Y and Z, you guys still have time, and I know first hand that a lot of you, perhaps by necessity rather than choice, are on paths that will not suck your soul:  so as with all things, there is a silver lining to be found in a sow’s belly, and sometimes that just falls into your hands.  What you do with it though is your responsibility.  So you may have lived with your parents, and many of you still are, but this is actually a blessing, for you have the opportunity to find and/or make a path in your life that does require you work for “the man” (in this case, usually a multi-national company) filling a position that likely is of little real interest to you and for which you may feel very inadequate to do.

The first thing to know and accept, is that altering your life in the direction of a SOUL LIFTING job, may require sacrifices and choices that are in the immediate are painful….but rest assured it will be worth it one day.  How long, I can’t say of course, but let’s say 10 years.  That is not a long time, as you will find out as you move through life.

I know it’s difficult to “figure out” what you want, so be open to the universe.  If you are honest with yourselves, authentic in your connection with the universe, you will find yourselves informed in a way “out of nowhere” as to what you should do, or a door will just suddenly open, something different, but with potential for happiness.

So I conclude by suggesting you do this:  tell that SOUL SUCKING JOB to kiss your ass, and go begin a new life!  If you can’t do it now, set a time goal and make the plan you need to do just that!  Before your life is spent, and you live in “wish I had” mentality till you croak.

As for me, I have accepted my life as it was, for it has a lot of quality in spite of the time on the job.  I just want to see others not have to pay the soul reaper to find their bits of happiness.