Ten sure signs you are in a SOUL SUCKING job, in case you haven’t awakened to your situation:

  1.  You get to work right “on time” and leave “right on time” punctually.
  2.  You get to work early and leave late regularly.
  3.   Go for walks at lunch.
  4.   Have to go to the gym almost every day.
  5.   Look forward to lunchtime with the gang daily.
  6.   Spend more time fantasizing about the guy or woman that seems to have caught your eye at the workplace:  maybe its her bending over your desk to use your pencil sharpener, or you noticing his big hands and nice Polos?
  7. Not focused in meetings.
  8. Taking naps at lunchtime at your desk.
  9. Staying on social media way to much during the day.
  10. Memory lapses:  forgot its your day to pick up the children from school?

All of theses signs, and many more, may be indications that you do not love what your are being paid to do, meaning YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING YOUR BLISS!

Footnotes to the list:

a.  #1 and #2:  no contradiction….my point is that if you are doing “work” that fluffs your bliss, then the sense of time is lost altogether, and such terms as early, on time, or late become moot.

b.  #3-#10:  Indicate deep down your happiness with your work and life are not on a path of bliss, and your mind is looking for escape portals.

Change is possible, and each day is a blessing not to be squandered.

P.S.>The world is indebted to Steve Jobs in my opinion, but loving what you do is not the ultimate goal of a “non-soul sucking job.”  We should aspire toward a bliss that rewards not only our intellect, but our soul, which I believe requires extending unconditional love and support to others, including co-workers if we work in a team environment.

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