Migrating away: SOUL SUCKING J.O.B.s Part 3

As my regular readers might guess, I am a logical person, but with strong mystical proclivities…..a rather strange “affliction.”  The late Joseph Campbell (quoted above) was one of my “gurus,” and I do believe he indeed lived a life in tune with his bliss.  (If interested, you can Google him.)  Of all the sage advice he offered, “follow your bliss” was an arrow to my own soul.  I have endeavored, even though I rode a career in engineering into the sunset, to do my best “on the side,” doing “things” that warm and nourish my soul, making my routine job tolerable.

But had I had someone to directly mentor me early in my adult life, I think I may have taken a different course in life.  I grew up as a country boy, the only son of a working class family.  My father, my hero (about who I recently wrote a book, “The House Daddy Built”), was always working and really did not have the background to mentor me, other than living his life as an example that I followed to a large degree.  Today however, there are opportunities for youth and even adults to find mentors, specifically “life coaches.” Opportunities abound for you younger people to network with those who already have found the secrets you seek.

There are also “tons and tons” of information on the internet that one can explore at will, free of charge usually, to mentor oneself.  The goal of such coaching, whether you pay for it or acquire such at least cost, of course is to help you in your search for that which will water your soul, and inform as to what you need to do to realize your new goals.  It’s good to have goals, as all of us know, but having goals that excite you and allow you to visualize an entirely different way of work and living (which really should be one word, not two….e.g., “wiving“?) will put you on the coolest road trip.  So please do not confuse the search for that which will bring you bliss and a living with “retooling/retraining” for some other J.O.B. that may pay more and be more stable than what you have now.  Really you can look at doing both, at least up to a point, then migrate to that which will bring bliss.  Also understand that it is better to adjust your lifestyle, reducing expenses, if that gets you closer to your dreams.

So do not despair if you are in one of those SOUL SUCKING JOBS:  there is always a way out, if you really, really, really want to make a change.  If you are married with children, yes it will be more difficult, but just think how happy the family will be if you are always happy in your “wiving.”

Good Luck!