“Twas the Night Before Christmas….”

December 24, 1865, some eight months after the end of the Civil War, six Confederates of Scottish descent created the Ku Klux Klan.  The fact of the date of their “work” in itself seems to contain a hidden message of a “present” – a gift of sheer evilness – that they offered.  It is said that originally these six young men formed their Ku Klux Klan (derived from Scottish lexicon) as only a social club, intended for drinking and flirting with young “ladies.”  Within a few months, however, apparently the idea itself burgeoned, and in 1866 the First KKK era took off with a vengeance.  Virtually left with nothing after the War, disenfranchised Confederates were drawn to this new idea like moths to a fire.

In that first year a former Confederate general, Nathan Forrest, who is still celebrated by State law in Tennessee, was elected the first Grand “whatever.”  After the creation of the KKK, it “enjoyed” a reign of terror over black people, carpetbaggers and others for a number of years before being tamped down.  Then around 1920, it came back from below ground, and suddenly was growing exponentially across the South and well beyond.  In the early ’20’s it was the largest political group in the Nation, and literally controlled many cities across the South, including Dallas, where I spent most of my adulthood.  Then again it lost favor after several decades.  Then it sprang up again after the Civil Rights era, and today’s green lighting by BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude….aka that which occupies the Oval Office), it must once again be closely watched.


The fact that a large number of Confederates were of Scottish descent troubles me immensely, being of that same vein.  Here is a documentary film that explores this aspect:

(I don’t know why the image is vignetted.)

The Klan has always been a “family affair”:




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