Why Can’t People Just Be Animals – Like We Used to Be?

We all began as animals.  Fact, not fake news.

Now we humans think we are somehow above the “animal kingdom.”  Why, I really do not understand.

Animals are capable, in their own ways, of intelligently exhibiting all the wonderful qualities we claim to possess, but without the cruelty, craziness, selfishness and hate that largely characterizes human population.  Sure, animals can be “cruel” – nature has cruelty built-in, but it only comes out as a means of survival – not for “fun.”

Animals do not know “racism.”  Just like human children do not until they are programmed by adults and society.  The brown gibbon in the photo does not see the other black gibbon as any but another gibbon.  Color blind.

Animals see we humans through their own eyes, and we populate their environment…..we can be their pets, or be their prey in some areas, for after all we were animals and their food supply eons ago in Africa.  But they did not kill us just for sport.

Here is a wonderful documentary about a gibbon in India, I hope you will take the time to watch, as it shows just how they relate to us – to bad we can’t relate this way to fellow humans:


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