“EOJ” ….The Last Man on Earth

As far as I know, all knowledgeable scientists agree that at some point in the future mankind will become extinct on Earth.  So someone has to be the last human on Earth, so let’s call him EOJ (which could stand for “end of job”).  Sure this person could be female, or perhaps “other” even.  Who knows?  But it doesn’t seem logical that there would not be some one person who lingers on after all others have “died off.”

Now why would I write about such a scenario?  Well, I am a futurist for one, and also a realist.  I also know that what happens far in the future is determined by what we HUE-MONS are doing right now.  So I guess I feel if more people could project far into the future, and fully grasp the end of humanity as a species on Earth, perhaps we would preserve our Mother much better and then prolong the end time.  

Of course we do not know if humans will be extinct on Earth before the end of Earth herself.  We could get hit by a monster flying object, right? There are plenty out there, zipping by all the time while we drink our beer and watch football, oblivious.  And,, thinking optimistically, we would hope that humans will be able to leave Earth in time to colonize (and fuck up) some other world, right?  I mean that’s what the Mars mission and all that is for I think.  So, we shoot off a bunch of us, or maybe frozen embryos, to some other world, and the remaining humans just stay and accept the end quietly. Ha ha.

But as fodder for thought, what if you were the last person on Earth.  Of course you likely would not know for sure if you were the last, and likely even until your last breath you would be praying for others to find you.  It would be a unique feeling, however, to be and to know you are the last one:  perhaps that fact was established before all others passed away.

So you are about to die, and what you believe as to “after death” may be complicated, for if you believe in reincarnation, you know you will not be reborn as a human on Earth for that would require a remaining male and female to beget you, but perhaps as some other form of life? Gee, not a cockroach! Depends on karma I guess.  Or perhaps you are reborn in another realm as in Buddhism there are many realms (which I believe).  Now if you do not believe in rebirth then I suppose everything will be as “normal,” heaven or hell, but then it may get complicated if you are believing that God will one day resurrect all believers from their “graves.”  Humm.  Now, if EOJ does not believe in life after death, well, all he can do is as he would anyway, kiss his ass goodbye.

Today many leading physicists generally are in agreement however that there is a universal consciousness within which we and everything we experience and perceive is apprehended.  One name for this line of thought is “Idealism.”  Quantum theory and real experiments have brought this into the mainstream.  Buddha put it another way, “All is Mind.”  So I believe we can rest assured that our consciousness, as an “energy,”  will continue after the perceived death of our corporeal being, and we will continue to exist without a body and hopefully without Ego, pleasantly content to have merged with the universal mind, call it God or whatever if you wish.  And, we may be “reborn” into other realms, even another world perhaps.  Or, maybe you get the virgins promised, I don’t know.

Of course, no one knows, but as to EOJ, I do hope he has prepared himself well, for it will be an incomprehensible feeling,  a truly unique one for sure.

Let’s do better HUE-MONS!


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