“We The People”: have F_#*’d Ourselves!

Due to America’s abominable education system which has churned out generations of citizens unable to critically analyze information, and discern facts from “alternative facts,” layered in a huge cow paddy mixed with racism, whiteness, greed and political corruption of the highest sort, We elected BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude….aka that which occupies the Oval Office).

We brought this reign of craziness (i.e., shit storm) upon ourselves, and it is very difficult to see any way out short of divine intervention or an Act of God.

We see BMT today standing on the White House lawn telling multiple countries that they should investigate Joe Biden (the leading Dem candidate), and declaring he has ultimate power to do as he wishes and to barter with these countries for any such derogatory information.  Openly violating the law, and then daring the Dems to impeach him.  Of course, we know there is no such information, it is all part of BMT’s shit storm to confuse those Americans who would do anything themselves to see the GOP win.  GOP:  Gobsmacking Obfuscation Party, the ignorant, dumb, greedy and racist party.

BMT’s game is to create doubts even among Dems about ol’ Joe.  Joe is not my personal favorite, but he may be our best hope.  So if Joe is not the Dem nominee, then perhaps the successful candidate will be too far to the left, giving some swing votes to BMT, and he wins.

If the Dem House impeaches him, then it will fail in the Senate. Any expectations otherwise I believe are pipe dreams.  And, if he is put out of office by the Senate, by some sudden epiphany in the Republicans, it is not clear that he could not run for office in 2020 anyway:  no doubt he would try, and no doubt file a law suit if blocked, which delays the election and given his stacking of SCOTUS, he has a hand on the scale there.

All in all, if BMT wins a second term, We The People and America The Beautiful are truly

F_**’d !

This is a lunatic who will DO ANYTHING to remain in office, and I will not be surprised to see him try to get the law changed to run for a third term.  We cannot even use the 25th Amendment, given bobble head Pence as VEEP.  So folks, we have a lunatic in charge of our nuclear weapons.  Think about it.



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