Finding Inner Peace in Troubled Times

Being a retired man, and a cerebral one at that, I have a lot of time on my hands to just think about life.  I see now why a lot of people have hobbies, for hobbies can take the mind away from thinking for those who think, and for those who do not think, it’s something to do besides watching the tube or the wall.

I enjoy thinking, in fact it is probably my hobby, as all the things that fall into the class of activities called hobbies by most, I have done in my life and never found any I wanted to be stuck with.  So I think.

But thinking too much comes with the real risk of becoming frustrated with a world that is now so troubled.  Is it my perception that it is troubled more, or is it really as bad as it seems?  Carefully considering the matter, I conclude it’s the latter.  I did not see WW2 like my parents did, but everything after that last world war I have seen, at least as a distant spectator.  And things are really bad now.

No doubt I am just one of hundreds of millions just in this country who are at their wits end with the current president and what he is doing to the country and the world.  But even if he was out of the picture, we have the problems of climate change, violence, health, etc.  Oh my.

So in these times it is good for each of us to have place to go to as often as we need, to renew our strength and refresh spirit.  My place is the river in the photo.

The Nueces River outside Camp Wood, Texas, on State Highway 55.
The Nueces River outside Camp Wood, Texas, on State Highway 55.

I grew up on this river, pretty much literally.  Although I have not been there in years, I can easily access it fully in my mind, its spring fed waters, the sounds, the touch, the smells.  Our minds take us anywhere, but we must be aware that we our minds are not captive in places that sap our energy.  We must replenish our vital spiritual energy by maintaining connection with the one sweet spot in our lives that is the portal to the divine.

This is mine.  I am the river, and the river is me.

I pray you have or find your own place.

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