For my readers who do not know that TRUMP HAS ABANDONED OUR KURDISH ALLIES IN SYRIA, yes he has!  All in the name of keeping a campaign promise (to make up for not building the wall nor getting the great Nation of Mexico to pay for it!).

These Kurds – men and WOMEN fighters – fought, bled and died with our Special Forces over the last years to finally curtail and corral ISIL.  Two days ago TRUMP (once again proving his name of Bottomless Moral Turpitude befits him perfectly) ordered our remaining forces in Syria to pull back, called the strong man Turk Erdogan (Trump loves him, and loves having two Trump towers in Istanbul even better) to give him the green light on entering Kurdish territory.

As you today see on TV and in the media, the Turks, who have the 3rd biggest military in Europe, are attacking civilians.  Hundreds of thousands are fleeing with no where to go.  So this is another humanitarian disaster in the making.  The Kurds have been guarding some 12,000 ISIL fighters who they hold captive, with the UN looking after the 50,000 ISIL family members in refugee camps.  Due to European refusal to assist with the ISIL prisoners and families, these people have just been sitting there waiting to get back into their throat cutting modus operandi.  Trump says they can all go back to Europe for all he cares.  Erdogan threatens Europe with sending all these people to Europe as well.

This is our President.  Double crossing, cowardly piece of shit who would be arrested and court martialled if he was an ordinary soldier.  So now he has created another diversion to distract from the impeachment process, but this time the diversion has global consequences:  potential mass civilian casualties, ethnic cleansing, genocide, freeing and dispersal of ISIL fighters throughout the world, to resume their attacks and promotion of home-radicalized terrorists right here in America once again.

So, the cat is out of the bag now.  I fear all we can do is pray in our own ways.

VOTE 2020!

The Unique Burden Humans Bear

Maybe one day we humans will be able to actually communicate with some other species, perhaps primates, or whales; or what about ravens, or octopuses, highly intelligent creatures themselves?  If I had the chance, one question I would want to ask any of these is “Do you feel complete?”

One unique thing that we humans universally carry, regardless of who or where we are, is a sense that there is something missing in our lives.  Our very existence needs more – and that more is not to be found materially, or in our relationships or environs.  Of course such a thought or inner voice may not arise until one is mature, or should I say, one’s consciousness is mature…..it’s not an age thing necessarily.  But eventually, I would think we each, who ever we are on the Earth, have at least a fleeting question, “Isn’t there more?”

Likely each person of sufficient intelligence will have their personal speculative answer to that question.  When one considers how many belief systems there are in the world, and then considers the diversity of interpretations of even recognized religions and paths, why the number of different beliefs must approach the same number of people alive at any one time. Is is assured that if we ask anyone of we humans about her or his  beliefs about matters pertaining to spirituality and religion, inclusive of those who are agnostic or atheist, each will have a unique answer to the question “Why do you believe that?” although the question may need repeating a few times to reach the essence of their sense of awareness of more.

Our consciousness ask, “Is this all I am?” Deep within us all is the awareness, embedded within our self-awareness, this wondering, a pondering of how did we and all this come to be.  Since this question has been with us since early humankind began to develop consciousness, we can assume it is innate, not phenomenal.  Was the “apple” Eve offered Adam as told in the Bible possibly a metaphor for consciousness?  With a bite from the apple Adam became aware, and with that awareness surely came the question that we humans have borne through the ages, “Is there more?”  Of course in the Bible then God was pretty straight forward with the answer, which makes for a great story for believers of the Judeo-Christian faiths.

Within each of us is this question, in many it is perhaps latent, but it is there.  It may be the one thing that makes us unique here on Earth.

What do you believe, and why?  If you believe within some major religion, why? Do you just accept that answer as a given? Why? What is your basis of such acceptance, blind allegiance called “faith,” or historical/scientific proof?  If you opt for a humanist perspective, how do you explain this position to yourself?  I mean, don’t we owe it to ourselves to understand what we say we believe?

Personally, my belief is in continuing to search for the ground of being where my consciousness is one with the perceived and hidden universe.  To accept a finite answer to the question I have posed today would be an attempt to circumscribe the infinite.  Therefore, I choose to continue my Tao, where ever it may lead.