The Holocaust Didn’t Happen & Global Warming is Fake News

This scene in Bangladesh will be multiplied by millions over the next few decades:  families living on the edge of starvation, on the edge of the ocean, watching the ocean slowly rise to devour there villages.  These millions will be forced to migrate inland, creating strife and increased competition for resources, adding to the world’s conflict zones.

But right here in the USA we are quite vulnerable, with many areas already seeing increased tides and flooding, again impacting the cost of infrastructure for states and municipalities, decreasing the real estate tax base, and increasing the cost of prime areas.  Then, the effects of rising sea levels combined with unpredictable, violent and increasingly frequent storms changing people’s lives forever.  Take hurricanes Harvey (which I hunkered down during in Houston) on the Texas coast, and just this year 50 inches of rain in East Texas flooding towns to the attics, some just having finished repairs following Harvey two years ago!

Yet there are those who basically scoff at global warming and its effects, and the predictions of scientists.  Sadly, these types have the full backing of BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude….aka, that which occupies the Oval Office).  We are at the tipping point for slowing global warming.  BMT MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE!!!

Here are some interesting links:


Drama Over Science? Greta’s Climate Speech and Appeal to Emotion


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