The Phantasmagoria of GOP Bullshit

If you could integrate the special effects we see in films depicting what it’s “like” to go through a worm hole in space, with the dancing crystals of an old school kaleidoscope, the total visuals would not even come close to BMT’s hourly stream of bullshit. (BMT…..Bottomless Moral Turpitude, aka that which occupies the Oval Office).  He and his minions have the bullshit down to a truly unique, sparking, effervescent art form, rivaling any of Michaelangelo’s works.  No doubt one day BMT will figure out a way to monetize this as a new revenue stream, bottle it in fake gold vases with his logo on the side, packaged and left bedside at all his hotels.

All we can pray for is that Nancy’s “bull shit busters” are more effective than Ghosts Busters!

Sadly, while I attempt to inject a bit of levity into this stinky smorgasborg he lays out with his Tweets and proclamations, 100’s of times a day, all this manure is contributing to greenhouse gassing that may kill us all if we don’t corral him soon.

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