HRC Please Just Shut The F_** UP!!!

HRC your statement that Russia is “grooming” Major Tulsi Gabbard to be a third party candidate to split the Dem vote is beyond the pale.  Why in the hell can’t you just go off into the sunset and retire?

Just as Major Gabbard says in response, you are a war monger and THAT is the main reason I DID NOT VOTE FOR YOU – nor did many others who sat out 2016!

YOU lost the election for Dems! You and you alone!

Had Bernie been our nominee, he would have won, even in 2016, I have no doubt, and we would not be in the mess we have today.  The DNC and YOU f-**’d so many of us who care about progress and peace in the world. The matter rest on your doorstep.

While Major Gabbard might not be my favored candidate, I have the HIGHEST regard for her position on America stopping being the biggest war machine the world has ever seen.  Dwight warned about this when I was a small guy, telling us his concern about the military-industrial complex.  He prognostication has been proven correct with every Administration since.  That Congresswoman Gabbard did meet with the Syrian dictator was no different than Ramsey Clark’s relentless efforts around the world to help resolve conflict and uphold justice.  Finding peace sometimes requires such bold, “unorthodox” actions.

So HRC, again, just shut the f_** up, ok!  

One thought on “HRC Please Just Shut The F_** UP!!!

  1. I agree, Mrs Clinton should be in the way back category. Now she is blaming Jill Stein for losing Pa., Wi. and Mi. when the truth of the matter is she didn’t bother to campaign in those states and now she is trying to insinuate Congresswoman Gabbard is a Russian puppet. The Russian puppet is the orange one screwing everything up now, and she still could have won if her campaign had been better managed. So yes it is time for Mrs Clinton to move on gracefully and shut up.


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