Looking at NOTHING; & Thoughts of God

So what would we have if we could suck everything out of a space?  Well, physicists tell us we still have something, essentially a multi-dimensional web that is constantly “undulating” at speeds we can only address with exponents.  Watch this video:

This ‘stuff’ came about from the Big Bang:


I will just close with stating that I think that God, as “we” call the Creator, is “merely” that set of information rules and data that constitutes one or more other fields that was dispersed during the Big Bang.  We humans believe that there always has to be “one thing” that created “the beginning,” but that is I believe, just a feature of how we perceive what is truly infinity. I do not see the need for a beginning (something preceded the Big Bang singulariy of course, but that could as speculated is just the flip side of a black hole in another universe.  I think we need to stop fretting over God, starting wars about God, and just live fruitful lives.  The rules tell us that we do better living good lives full of love and helping others, than a life of selfishness and “sin.”

Then we have to inquire about consciousness.  Human consciousness.  Animal and plant consciousness.  Buddha let us know that “all is Mind.”  This concept is taught via the Heart Sutra, with a mantra in part that goes, “Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form….”

Emptiness in this use is to be interpreted as “absence of INHERENT existence,” meaning everything, literally, does not exist without everything else in the physical universe or consciousness.  This metaphysical teaching is just another way of saying that our human consciousness, and that of all other animals and plants to the extent their consciousness is manifest, is just part of the universal consciousness, or “Mind.”

Here is another talk:

So I hope you can kick back and watch these at your leisure, enjoy!

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