Our Bodies Are 99.9999999% SPACE

So, why can’t I walk through a wall you ask? 

Another one of those darned perplexing facts of our apprehended reality.  But as I always do when stymied, I turn to people a whole lot smarter than myself.  Here is a good explanation I found:


I love physics and theoretical physics.  I am torn in my next life between being reborn to be a physicist in the 22nd Century, or a great conga player with a tight Afro-Cuban band.  I don’t know which….maybe I can be both.  Why not?

I find it just thrilling to know that me, you and all of us are made mostly out of stuff from the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago:  when “it” all started.  “All” meaning Time, Space, us!  So we really are ancient, right?  Really.  Older than dirt, or at least as old for sure!

Sculpture by Jean Marais, Place Marcel-Aymé Paris
Sculpture by Jean Marais, Place Marcel-Aymé Paris

So I am not sure what gave this dude the idea:  looks like he didn’t read past the 99.9999999%! Dang, he must have hit the wall going like Usain Bolt though, but how did that work out? Maybe next time……a good time machine can push him back so he can try again one day we hope.

I leave you today with this thought:  Why are you in such a rush?  You have been around since the beginning of time, so what’s the hurry?  Oh, you retort, but “I” am not just a collection of cosmic stuff, I am “I.”  Well, I challenge you to find your “I.”  Ping me when you have, ok.  Maybe your “I” – and mine – are just passing notions of the Universal Mind, just little whirlpools of Mind with the sole purpose of Experiencing.  The Joy of Experiencing.

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