Damn it’s special to have a generation name that actually is a word!  Word UP!

I am a Boomer, or if you want to be technical, “Baby Boomer,” as in my parents generation, The Greatest, getting it on after WW2 and going for the American Dream, or so they imagined.  Boomer, now that’s a word!   And being born in ’46 makes me on the leading edge of this wonderful generation.  Man, we have seen a lot, a lot of changes that is.

Then time went by, and we humans like all of nature, just kept on pumping out offspring.  Sociologists, politicians….well, just about every facet of society has a need, usually based in reasons of $$$, to classify, assign attributes and track the habits of each generation.  So over time “someone” (I have no idea whose job it is to assign names to each generation….wow!) stamps “us” with a generational name.  After Boomers came Gen X, then “Xennials” (I never even knew of these guys), Millennials Gen Y, next came Gen Z, and then BAM, we are into “children of the millennial” Gen ALPHA! These little guys are like the anchor leg in a relay, carrying the baton into the 22nd Century!  What a burden we have placed on them!

These children will be amazing, as will be their children (and I expect most will delay child bearing even longer than Z is), and their grandchildren.  With science moving so fast into the unknown, these people may not have children until well into their 50-60’s!  The person who assigns names to gens will be glad of that!

Alpha’s will grow up with technology that will stretch human communication and knowledge well beyond what we believe is the bleeding edge right now.  What I predict also is that around the world, Gen Alphas will become at last a one world generation, connected in every capacity, and that in itself may bring about a more peaceful and cooperative world order as people collectively fight climate change and hunger.  I pray.

I have two God-granddaughters right now who are Alphas.  My one toddler already is showing me where that generation is headed, fully at one with smart technology, AI and things that multiply human capability.  We will need such an endowed generation to carry humankind through this century successfully.  I have faith they will do so.

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