Funny thing since I retired last year after my 50 year career in engineering:  I discovered the joy of owning my entire day, instead of often going to sleep thinking about some problem at the office, then awakening with a jerk at 3 am with even more things about that problem and quickly sending myself an email to read when I got to work.  Occasionally though I got the insight needed to solve the problem, but the point here is that the “problem” was really not my problem, it was my client’s or employer’s really, and they had bought my peace as an exchange for their extracting a solution out of my mind.

Nowadays each morning I follow a routine, not one forced on me, but one that is attuned to my natural flow.  This gets me through part of the morning, and thereafter I can choose and pick from my menu, albeit a limited one….sort of like an in-flight menu….as to how I allocate time until it’s movie time (every evening).

All this informs that we each need to ask the question way, way before we reach “retirement” age, is this what I enjoy doing each day?  If not, one needs to figure out a way to change that situation, even if radical alteration of one’s life is the only real solution.  If one needs to get to another part of the Country to get the job you enjoy, then do it.  It may come with pain, but in time it will work out or other windows will open.

Living at times requires bold moves.  Find your bliss.  Don’t wait until the mythical retirement to find your own “day in the life of Joe.

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