I loved this from from Neytiri, scolding Jake Sully.  But I also loved the “I see you” lines.  Both are highly loaded with deep connotations, and I dig deep stuff!

But what I am writing about today has to do with our human consciousness.  We truly are “babies” in the scheme of what we may become one day, and very likely within the multi-dimensional universe(s) that in my belief system is the One Mind, or ultimate Consciousness.

With all of our theories and experimental data today we really just have a hat full of puzzle pieces.  We don’t even really know for sure much  of anything about even our own self-awareness, our human consciousness, how it relates to the physical universe – including our own bodies – or how each of our individual consciousness and that of the animal and perhaps plant kingdom generates the physical presence we apprehend in space/time.  There are many theories, many long equations, and endless papers and books written as we attempt to bring together cosmology, quantum theory and the elusive “consciousness.”

So, we really are babes in the woods generated by our own mind.

Probably most people do not give much if any thought to why they perceive what they do.  However, many do, including myself.  It has become my hobby of sorts, trying to put together all the research and theories and speculation of others, so I can generate my own insight that “makes sense” to me.  Sort of following my intellectual bliss.  Were I smart enough to be a scientist I am afraid I would just get bogged down in the details, so it is fun to just be able to “belly surf” all this information.

It’s funny how most of us just take for granted that what we apprehend around us is “the way it actually is.”  Really we apprehend only what our senses and converters bring to our brain, mostly in the interest of natural self preservation.  But were we able to add to our senses, to “see” other forms of radiation for instance, or astral auras, or who knows what, the world that we would create would be so much different than what we now see.  But then our little brains would be overloaded with input, and likely just fry.

I got to thinking this morning about “what cat’s see” and “what dog’s see.”  Researchers seem to think they know, but I doubt they really do.  They can only externally  “see” how animals behavior responds, plus research of brain activity and so forth.  But they don’t really know what the animal sees or hears or the sum total of the full picture that is generated in the animal’s brain.  Of course we don’t even know if dogs and cats have self-awareness, although we do know they behave as if they have feelings that we humans identify with.  It seems all we can do is assess to what extent dogs, cats, and other animals respond in comparison to our own information processing.  But is it valid to make such a comparison?

By the way, sequels to Avatar are coming out! Can’t wait!!

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