When DEMS Win the Senate in 2020!

Regardless of the outcome of the impeachment of BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude…..aka, that which occupies the Oval Office) OR the POTUS election, unless the Dems take the Senate and oust ol’ Mitch, 

this is what the skies will look like until that happens……


Without the Senate being won and brought back into the realm of governance FOR THE PEOPLE, the Country will face four more years of stagnation and confusion.  If Mitch remains in control, he will continue to sit on every bill that the House passes, just as he is today.  Sure, a Dem POTUS can use administration edicts, but you can bet those will be challenged in courts all the way to the SCOTUS, and with Trump having already stacked the deck in US courts around the country, progress FOR THE PEOPLE will continue to be stymied.


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