Want a Secure Job? try CAL FIRE

I mean seriously, what could be more secure – and likely more dangerous – than being a FIREFIGHTER with CAL FIRE?

I really respect these young men and women, who put their lives on the lines daily – right now even- attempting to save communities from the ravages of these unending fires across California, a most wonderful state.

I heard a news anchor say today that the California she knew growing up is not the state it is today.  These fires have become year round, and will only grow worse each year now if the predictive models hold, which they likely will barring the Earth tilting.

However, even the scientists working with the models admit their models fall apart by 2050 given the expanse and frequency of fires.  By then most of the State will burn annually!

I spent my best young teen years there in San Diego.  I remember even then an occasional fire in the canyons that came right up to back yards on our street.  However, there were no real trees there, just brush, but looking back its obvious to me being remote from Cali now, how easy it is for homes and other structures to be so easily ignited, even from burning embers blowing in the hurricane winds for miles.

I have to wonder what people will do there, faced with this threat.  Unless you live right on the ocean beach or in the paved urban areas, you are not immune from these fires.

The social and economic impact will no doubt be immense over the coming years, as I suspect many people who have the financial wherewithal to move, will.  Where, they will move to areas out of state, thereby exacerbating competition and prices on the Third Coast and other areas.  Those unable to move, or not having any real options, will stuggle even more to maintain their status.  So social and political strife will likely increase exponentially in time.

Lost of tourism, health effects from air pollution, especially in Southern Cali, and loss of agricultural production will have severe consequences.

Given all this, what do we see the GOP doing about it?  NOT A DAMN THING.  In fact, Trump’s goons are doing everything they can to assure California continues to burn.  The only bright side is their policies will eventually assure Republicans there will see the error of their ways, and begin to vote along more liberal lines.

The fires we see in Cali is a bright signal of what we, “the world,” has in store as a result of what we are doing to the atmosphere.  Why we are not out in the streets by the millions every week demanding changes is the question I ask.

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