Trump Colluding with Putin to Rebuild SU

Reagan must be about to sit up straight and burst out of the ground.  Trump’s obvious collusion with Putin to rebuild the old Soviet empire is all too clear.  Wow, we thought Tony Blair was G.W.’s lap dog, but Trump is proving to be Putin’s B_*#* .

Trump reportedly said that Ukraine is really just part of Russia and withheld vital arms they needed to fight Russian takeover of eastern Ukraine.   Gave part of Syria to Russia and abandoned our Kurd allies, 10000 of whom died fighting with us against ISIL. Wow.

And Trump continues to push away from Europe and NATO, in so many words saying they can fight their own wars.

Obviously Putin will try to accomplish as much of his old KGB Soviet plan as possible before Trump is out of office.  Of course Trump has said more than once he intends to stay in for several more terms……and given the lack of viable options Constitutionally to enforce him to leave ……..who knows.

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