What Do We Do IF…….?

Right now we are up the creek in a wire canoe, IF Trump decides not to turn over evidence records if/when ordered to by Courts.

Moreover, he has no intent of vacating the White House whether impeached or losing the election.  Three things motivate him:  Putin has him by the short hairs; Trump faces prison time; and, ol’ Donald just loves being the star of a reality show and he will try to keep that going as long as possible just so he can brag.  There is no bottom to his morals, ego nor insanity.

So, big problem. How do we enforce Court orders or kick his ass out of the Oval Office?  This would be a real Constitutional crisis, given his hold on SCOTUS and his Justice Department and Senate.

However, I must remain firmly in belief that justice has a higher power.

One thought on “What Do We Do IF…….?

  1. If trump is impeached and removed by the Senate and/or voted out he will no longer have the power to direct either the military or Justice department to protect him. The Supreme court wouldn’t touch that issue with a 10 foot pole. He will be out in the morning and in jail before dinner.


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