Flat Earth Physicists

I recently watched a cool movie (Rocketman:  Mad Mike’s Mission to Prove the Flat Earth).  The documentary is about this dare devil guy, who built his own rocket from salvaged materials, lit it off with him strapped in, and soared up and up……..so he could prove that the Earth is flat.  Well, he is either an ingenious and brave man……..or just plain missing some nuts and bolts upstairs.  Probably both.  The rocket fire, he did soar, it did work, he landed hard, but I ended the film shaking my head and not sure whether he found out what he needed for his proof.

Later I watched a “debate” between a Buddhist teacher and a physicist.  The physicist, one of the more brilliant and respected minds of his profession, has become trapped in his research that has led him to believe that the quantum theories and cosmological stuff he works with is “all there is.”  To him, when we die, we die….the end. El Fin.

But the Buddhist teacher reminded him that we humans have not really made any attempt to research and explore the human consciousness like we have the physical world.  Of course there are in fact quite a few physicists who are now (actually for decades) at least thinking about our human consciousness and if (there is) a universal consciousness, and how these relate and how they relate to the physical world and universe that we humans apprehend.

But this particular physicist just reminded me that the majority of humankind are still “flat Earthers,” believing that we individually exist apart from all that we observe.

More and more I respect thinkers like Magellan.


The Opposite of Memory? Forgetfulness.

Since I do my best to post to this blog each day, I often am thinking or positioning my subconscious mind to find me a topic.  Sure, if I just wrote about BMT (check my past political blogs for definition) that would be a slam dunk deal, but since doing that leaves me ill, I have to find topics to counter that and re-balance myself, you know.

I suddenly had this idea that I should write about how everything has an opposite.  The wholeness of everything we perceive has “two sides of the same coin,” so to speak. So I was scratching my head, and then suddenly it dawned on me, that I was merely remembering the Yin and Yang that I had studies so very long ago.

So my forgetfulness, and my remembrance, are in itself the pair that gives wholeness to my memory.  How clever of the universe to bring this to me once again, just when I needed it to write about!

Here is a good link about this ancient and wonderful perspective on the universe:

Yin / Yang Theory

May your mind and life be in holistic balance always!