Looking at NOTHING; & Thoughts of God

So what would we have if we could suck everything out of a space?  Well, physicists tell us we still have something, essentially a multi-dimensional web that is constantly “undulating” at speeds we can only address with exponents.  Watch this video:

This ‘stuff’ came about from the Big Bang:


I will just close with stating that I think that God, as “we” call the Creator, is “merely” that set of information rules and data that constitutes one or more other fields that was dispersed during the Big Bang.  We humans believe that there always has to be “one thing” that created “the beginning,” but that is I believe, just a feature of how we perceive what is truly infinity. I do not see the need for a beginning (something preceded the Big Bang singulariy of course, but that could as speculated is just the flip side of a black hole in another universe.  I think we need to stop fretting over God, starting wars about God, and just live fruitful lives.  The rules tell us that we do better living good lives full of love and helping others, than a life of selfishness and “sin.”

Then we have to inquire about consciousness.  Human consciousness.  Animal and plant consciousness.  Buddha let us know that “all is Mind.”  This concept is taught via the Heart Sutra, with a mantra in part that goes, “Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form….”

Emptiness in this use is to be interpreted as “absence of INHERENT existence,” meaning everything, literally, does not exist without everything else in the physical universe or consciousness.  This metaphysical teaching is just another way of saying that our human consciousness, and that of all other animals and plants to the extent their consciousness is manifest, is just part of the universal consciousness, or “Mind.”

Here is another talk:

So I hope you can kick back and watch these at your leisure, enjoy!

HRC Please Just Shut The F_** UP!!!

HRC your statement that Russia is “grooming” Major Tulsi Gabbard to be a third party candidate to split the Dem vote is beyond the pale.  Why in the hell can’t you just go off into the sunset and retire?

Just as Major Gabbard says in response, you are a war monger and THAT is the main reason I DID NOT VOTE FOR YOU – nor did many others who sat out 2016!

YOU lost the election for Dems! You and you alone!

Had Bernie been our nominee, he would have won, even in 2016, I have no doubt, and we would not be in the mess we have today.  The DNC and YOU f-**’d so many of us who care about progress and peace in the world. The matter rest on your doorstep.

While Major Gabbard might not be my favored candidate, I have the HIGHEST regard for her position on America stopping being the biggest war machine the world has ever seen.  Dwight warned about this when I was a small guy, telling us his concern about the military-industrial complex.  He prognostication has been proven correct with every Administration since.  That Congresswoman Gabbard did meet with the Syrian dictator was no different than Ramsey Clark’s relentless efforts around the world to help resolve conflict and uphold justice.  Finding peace sometimes requires such bold, “unorthodox” actions.

So HRC, again, just shut the f_** up, ok!  

News FLASH! “2020 Election Prediction”

The readers may feel I am going way out on a limb, but here is the scoop:

It makes perfect sense to me that the election will pit Elizabeth Warren against Mitt Romney!

We just saw rich Mitt step out front and center to roundly condemn Trump on his sellout of the Kurdish people.  Rick Perry just cut and ran away from his Secretary of Energy post, too.  So on the GOP side it will be those two and maybe one other vying for the next term.  And, it is increasingly clear, at least to me, that Warren will win the Dem nomination:  Biden has too much baggage, little support from younger voters, and is totally out of touch with issues that are very important to younger Black voters.  Other than Warren, the other candidates do not have attributes that add up to being able to take the nomination.  Warren would be our first female president, and I believe without being sexist, that counts for a lot.

Warren has plans, and has for years shown her tenacity and ferociousness in taking on Big Money.  While she needs to figure out how she pays for everything she is putting forth, I am sure she can build that case, juxtaposed with the GOP robber barons and rich man subsidies.

Personally I like all of our Dem candidates, and could see any of them taking high level posts later in a new Admin.  But I believe more and more Warren has the real key to victory.  I will vote for who ever is nominated, unlike my sitting out the 2016 when Dem’s rigged it for HRC.

Now, about BMT….Bottomless Moral Turpitude, aka that which occupies the Oval Office…..I predict he will be impeached and tried and convicted.  It will be the stupidest thing Mitch McConnell ever did to try and block the trial given the preponderance of solid evidence.  Mitch is dumb, but not just stupid as a stump!

So, my prediction again is …….

“Corporations are people”…..Mitt

“Big corporations have money and power to make sure every rule breaks their way; people have voices and votes to push back.”…..Elizabeth


No, Donald….It’s YOUR World That’s Upside Down!

Fortunately GRAVITY only works in the real world, not your invented world Donald (aka….BMT…Bottomless Moral Turpitude).  So all the truth will just fall out of your bizarre phantasmagoria universe, where absolutely NOTHING is as your fast mouth and little, fast hands attempt to convince your ignorant base it is.

Every day we gleefully witness your invented reality crumbling around you.

We all do need to pray, however, that it crumbles before you can further destroy OUR world!



It Had to Happen: Trump Now a War Criminal as Bush 43rd

We let GW off the hook, although many around the world have not.  War crimes, rendetion of prisoners to torture camps, invading and destroying a country without just cause.  Now cometh BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude….aka that which occupies the Oval Office).  He just could not be outdone by any former president.

Abandoning our Kurdish allies to Turks and their “out sourced” murderers.

The World sees.  The World will remember.


I Keep Waiting for at Least One Dem Candidate to Take a Knee

Francis Scott Key, handsome and very wealthy dude, creator of our National Anthem, slave owner.  Interesting how no one ever sings The Star Spangled Banner in its entirety.  Here is the 3rd Verse:

No refuge could save the hireling & slave/

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:/

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave/

Written in the War of 1812, when the United States was decades from the Emacipation Proclamation, some would argue semantics, that Key did not really refer to the real slaves.  Horse shit.  Such arguments are akin to “slaves were happy during the Middle Passage, and danced on deck gleefully.”  Time and time again in our history, written by white Americans, we see this bias, trying to explain away or rationalize our sorry racist past and present.  Enough!

So Joe, or Bern, or hell, one of you, please take a damn knee!