“The islanders showed us unusual kindness. They built a fire and welcomed us all because it was raining and cold.” – Acts 28:2

The photograph is of a scene at one of America’s Statue of Liberty “satellites,” commonly called detention centers, better called “hell holes.”  I was unable to find a photograph that might better reflect the truly horrid conditions the children who continue to be separated from parents or from non-family adults (no doubt often for reasons of the children’s safety).  However, right today there are first hand reports of children detained and living in squalor, with very young children taking care of toddlers, without diapers, without toothbrushes or paste, without soap nor any of the personal hygiene items that the average free person feels are necessities.  Children are also reportedly suffering with flu and other diseases, with little to no attention (until it’s too late).

How can this be in America?  Why do concerned politicians not highlight this more than just talking about it on the news shows?  They should be picketing these facilities in the very least!  And how is it BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude) guy in the Oval Office can shift billions around without Congress approval to waste it on “big, beautiful walls” and not be able to spend money – even out of his own accounts? – to give toothpaste and diapers to these kids?  And where is our big corporations that got all the tax breaks, who can sponsor racing cars, sports and everything, and they can’t donate what is needed to give these children basic sanitation.

America remember:  all these kids will remember – when they grow up, just how they were treated and by who.  All things come in a circle.

And America, study the history of Central America, and maybe you will come to understand that American companies were the primary cause of the present problems there.  Have you not heard of “banana republics?”  Yes, it all comes full circle, so beware.


Redtails in the morning, Nazis take warning.

Even though much publicity and media have rightly recognized the valor and accomplishments of the Tuskegee Airmen, I continue to be in awe of these young black aviators of WW2 who lit up the skies with the flashes of their machine guns and exploding Luftwaffe aircraft, and raked German defense lines on the ground as the Allies drove the Germans northward through Italy to final surrender.

Last evening I watched a film titled “Hart’s War,” which was both unsettling, yet revealing.  I won’t give any spoilers, except to say the setting is a German POW camp, filled with American soldiers, all white –  until two captured Tuskegee aviators are brought in.  The film revealed just how deep the gulf was between whites, especially from the south, and blacks in the military.  The military was just a part of the larger racist society of that time (not to say America is still not racist in so many ways).

I had the pleasure of shaking the hand of one of the last Tuskegee airmen just a few years ago, and tried to tell him in a few seconds that my father was a bomber pilot and that he recalled being escorted by the Tuskegee airmen fighters.  I don’t think the old gentleman really caught what I was trying to say, and other people were waiting to shake his hand, so I couldn’t say also, “Thank you for keeping my father safer.”

The P-51 Mustangs in the caption photo are planes preserved from the WW2 era, painted with red tails that was the “calling card” of the Tuskegee, 332nd Fighter Group, based in the southeastern coastal area of Italy.  From there theses brave fighter jocks flew many missions covering bombers flying out of the “USS Corsica” (the island of Corsica), and later from bases in Italy, as the 12th Air Force plastered the Nazis, cutting supply lines, hitting fuel dumps, taking out major gun emplacement, knocking out flak artillery, and mowing down German troops with frags.

My father flew 70 missions as a B-25 pilot, doing all of the above, and many of his Wing went down, a number captured, a number murdered by Germans shooting them as they dropped in their parachutes after their plane was hit by flak, and some murdered by the Nazi SS.  The Redtails I know were his cover on a number of missions, and were it not for that, I may not myself be here writing this, for he might have also made the ultimate sacrifice.

Now, it must be understood, that these valiant fighter jocks were doing their duty, in spite of the fact that back home in April, 1945, others of the Tuskegee group who were still training for air combat, could not enter and partake at an officers club in the Midwest.  Over 100 of these black officers attempted to enter the club and were ultimately arrested.  Due to outside protest, the Army dropped charges against most, but some were not cleared until the 1990’s!

But, in spite of all this, you can bet that not one Redtail pilot hesitated to push his gun button when he saw an ME-109 sliding in to target one of our bombers full of white men of the same age, many of whom would not even eat at the same table with him.

Think about that.

This is Bolton’s and Pompeo’s “Collateral Damage”

On the evening of June 20, 2019, President “BMT” (bottomless moral turpitude) had planes in the air ready to strike Iran.  I guess there is an angel that stung him, prompting him to recall the strike.

The people that will unfortunately die in any strike and assuredly the following war, will be like the caption photo, of a young lady in Tehran (who I do not know….her photo was available on “Unsplash” ).  So is this the kind of person we are willing to send our tax dollars to turn to carbon, explode her body and scatter her parts across the streets?

Iran is Persia, one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, and one of the proudest.  I got to know a few when matriculating in my undergrad days at UT Austin, where at that time, the Shah was still ruling, and many students, and military men, were studying here in the USA.  I became best friends with one guy, who was married to his Iranian bride, a princess of the former dynasty.  They became my best man and maid of honor when I married my late wife in 1971.

Although they split later, and his wife remained in the US and he returned to Tehran.  He is highly educated, the son of a scholar, and went on to found his own business, and travel a large part of the world – except the US, as he could never get a visa again.  I have never seen him since 1972.  But God was willing, and he and I have been able every few years to have a phone call and “catch up” a little.  I last spoke with him January 1st of this year, as he called to wish me Happy NY.  You see many Iranians know much about America, and never bought into the “death to America” slogan of the radicals.  Most Iranians would love to have a peaceful relationship with the US, but they are captives of the extremists.

The question is, are we also captives of the extremists?  What percentage of Americans want a real war with Iran?  Probably many want to once again show “we can’t be pushed around,” but most of those are also the ones who gave no blood or misery to the still ongoing wars running close to 20 years now.  I remember the mass hysteria of those who wanted to attack Iraq, and how they cursed and spit on us anti-war protestors, when all we wanted to do was prevent what we KNEW would happen, and it has.

So now America, what are we? Have we not learned? Do we understand also that a war with Iran will be one we will NEVER win, but in the process may destroy the nation of Iran and turn them into another Syria?  Iranians, including the majority of peaceful, educated Persians, will turn against us if they haven’t already, and the fight with Iran will be one to the death of untold numbers on both sides, as Iranians will fight to the death, every last one, just like Americans would if our homeland was attacked.  Iran is not Afghanistan or Iraq, so we best figure out now if we are captives of his majesty BMT and his neo-cons, or if we want a world that seeks true peace.

The Intergenerational Tipping Point.

As I see our American society today we are at the tipping point, the fulcrum being the foundation of what America will look like the next 100 years.  On one side of the lever are those who “want to make America great again,” and on the other end of the board is a conglomerate of Millennials and Gen Z, of all colors and persuasions, who have little knowledge of the “before,” but are grounded in what they daily see around them.

It is clear that the advantage is with the newer generations.  They will win.  The only question is how much damage, direct and collateral, to our society and our environment during this civil war.  It appears those now in control continue accelerating their “rape and pillage” mentality, rolling back environmental laws put in place over the last 100 years by those who understood at least some of the values needed to preserve our natural resources, and attempting to change laws protecting women, infants, poor and elderly people, all in the name of their “God.”

So the next few years will tell the final tale, as some factors such as global warming may go beyond any retrievable dynamic, setting the conditions for Earth’s ultimate demise as a habitable, heavenly creation.  Moreover, if certain measures being implemented by the current “old school” reach full criticality, such as rolling back Roe vs. Wade, killing Medicaid and reducing Medicare, messing with Social Security, inflicting untold misery on those seeking asylum at the foot of Lady Liberty, and continuing to start wars that they themselves never personally have to fight, then the next 100 years of potential will be sucked into cleaning up the muck they are spreading.

I remain positive however, and know the energy of the younger generation to effect the needed changes is limitless.  They are “woke,” and “overstand” clearly what they must do.


Bottomless moral turpitude.

Bottomless moral turpitude (BMT), the name I will henceforth apply to that which possesses the Oval Office.  To clarify this statement, I choose to use “that” in lieu of the grammatically correct “who”, and carefully chose the word “possess” for good reasons, which I leave the reader to interpret.  Frankly I am not sure this man is human, therefore the choice of “that.”  As for “possess,” picture scenes from The Exorcist, spinning head and “stuff” going everywhere.

Each day I think that tomorrow can bring nothing worst than what we have already seen issuing from BMT’s mouth, but lo, not so fast Dr. Watson, let’s not jump to conclusive assessment just yet.  So yesterday we all heard with our own ears, BMT clearly state that he would be open to receiving information on any political opponent from a foreign entity.  (Of course today as usual he is back tracking, implying we are all idiots for believing what he actually said.)  He said this while sitting in the Oval Office, no less.

A few days ago, in Normandy, with the gravestones of so many of the youth of the Greatest Generation in the background, he spoke against his political rivals in his usual grand, devilish manner, and in doing so violated a basic premise of our political rulebook, of keeping politics on America’s shores, not on foreign soil.  Once again proving he has no moral compass whatsoever.

Then there is his cozying with Vlad.  And his love affair with North Korea’s most cruel ruler.  And friendliness with China’s premier.  All the while putting down all those who bust their tails and risk their lives daily to keep this Nation safe.

Way over 10,000 lies and counting.  I read somewhere that he lies more than you wash your hands everyday.  As for me, I wash my hands a lot.

BMT is just that, without any bottom in the void of his vileness, the depth of his ignorance and narcissism.  BOTTOMLESS.

What blows my mind still though, is that everyone who talks about BMT in the news, including Fox, speaks about him as if he is Not an f-ing psycho.  His actions and statements are treated as if he is somehow a normal person with extreme views and characteristics.  NO!  He is a lunatic of the first order and by that very condition must be removed from the Office.  Unfortunately the Founding Fathers (otherwise known as smart slave owners) did not envision a lunatic being elected within the system they set up to protect sparsely  populated, slave-owning agrarian states (where black people were counted as 3/5’s of a person), called the Electoral College.  Today, thanks to the continuing gerrymandering by racist whites in many states, the lines have continued to be moved to mitigate the votes of person of color, and promote the electoral votes and hegemony of whites.  It’s bad enough that this has given us people like George W. Bush, veritable war criminal, but now look what we have.  There is a way to remove BMT from office – the 25th Amendment – but it could never be invoked in today’s divided climate.

So we will continue to listen and watch BMT sink even further day by day, doing his utter best to take many with him, including his base, who may one day find themselves asking, like Germans of 1947, why they did that.  While the outcome of this mess is not predictable, it is surely true that BMT will be replaced regardless in a few years.  The problem that we “woke” folks are well aware of, is that by then the world may be so f’d up that it will take years to unwind and correct things.  Unfortunately some things cannot be undone, such as the change in our climate, which BMT and his cohorts are gleefully allowing to continue without any checking of our country’s contribution to global warming.

Let’s just pray, miracles do happen.

Looking back on work I have done in my life.

As an engineer, technically trained many seasons ago, I always think of work in terms of the definition one would find in an engineering mechanics or physics book, that being W=F x D (with a cosine thrown in depending on the angle of the Force versus the direction of the Distance.  When I look up “work” in the dictionaries however, I am amazed at just how many definitions apply, and whether it is used as a noun, or one or more of those other things we studied.  When I look for images of “work,” mostly I get people (usually younger folks than I) sitting at computers drinking coffee.

I guess I am just really old school when it comes to what work really is, and frankly although I spent my career mostly sitting at a desk, much of the time on a computer, I never really thought of it as work, just “what I did in my profession.”  In fact, the driving Force that motivated me to make a career of doing what I did, was all the WORK I did in my years in high school, through my first years in college.  The thought that I did Not want to Work at a job that was actually physically hard labor, in not so comfy environments, was the Force that moved me the Distance to get my college degree and keep going on into an engineering career.

I had many different kinds of part-time and summer jobs in my early manhood days.  One summer I spent a few weeks in the Texas sun on a river bed, with my cousin my age and our dads, loading large bleached stones into a dump truck, one rock at a time.  These had to be visually selected to meet specifications, so a hydraulic loader could not be used. Walking around stooped over looking for these stones to be used for landscaping, then bending to pick each up, usually weighing about 5 pounds, then walking to the truck, and pitching the rocks into it, hour after hour all day long is, I guarantee, hard work.  Real Work.

Another job I had, which taught me the flip side of Not doing hard work, was being a life guard after my junior year in high school, at the local town country club pool one summer.  Except for the endless hours of boredom when there were not any cute girls to “keep from drowning,” and my skin peeling a few layers over the three months, it was really Easy money!  I liked easy money, and still do, but seldom see any.

Oh, yes, and I did some cow boy’ing and ranch work, since my family had a nice ranch and livestock that needed tending.  But working for my dad for a roof over my head, food in my belly and a little pocket money on the weekends can’t really be counted as work, can it?

Then there was the part-time job in high school at a service station.  Hardly anyone knows what a service station is anymore, it is a thing of the past, like most service that can’t be done by a so-called “help desk” that usually aren’t very helpful.  I pumped gas, washed car windows, checked tire pressure, fixed flats, including big truck tires that have to be “broken down,” cleaned stinky bathrooms, mopped the driveways, and got paid 50 cents an hour.  Just enough to spend on beer and chasing girls!

One of the hardest jobs I ever had was working with a tree trimming crew all summer, trimming trees and brush from proximity to electric overhead lines.  My basic job was to pickup all the vegetation we cut and place it in the back of a truck.  We would haul it to the local dump (today called landfills) at the end of each day.  As the summer progressed, however, my boss man decided to let me start doing some of the fun stuff, like going up into trees anywhere from 15 to 40 feet off the ground.  How did we do that?  Using basically mountaineering rope, a slipknot and harness, to pull our own weight straight up, a foot or so at a time, until we got to the perch we needed to be at to stand up and then work from there, moving around the large limbs to reach out with a long pruning shear to cut small limbs back from the electric lines.  More than once I saw sparks fly from limbs, so yes it was a dangerous job.

The next summer I left Austin where I was going to college, and went to Houston with some guys to get some high paying work.  We started at a steel mill there on the Houston ship channel, and were laborers in the labor pool, assigned some different hard ass, dirty ass job every day.  The African American foreman over the labor pool I am quite sure saved up all the worst jobs for us white college boys, and he worked our tails off.  After several weeks of this, I was glad to get with my cousin (of the rocks story above) who was a welder working on ocean oil drilling platform construction.  These huge oil derricks were being build right next to the Houston ship channel and when each was completed to spec it was lifted onto a huge barge by HUGE cranes, to be towed out to sea and placed upright.  I worked there as a welders helper.  We literally worked 7 days a week, 12 hour shifts, and my cousin and I were on the night crew.  We often worked 50 to 300 feet off the ground, walking on pipes at times that were no more than 24 inches diameter, with absolutely no fall protection.  And watch out for the grease on the pipes, you damn sure don’t want to slip.  We made a lot of money that summer, but as I recall I spent most even before returning to classwork.  The joys of being a dumb young man, living only for today!

The above jobs are not all I had, but I just wanted to make the point that there is nothing wrong with real work, and I continue to believe it builds character and life values that will stick with a man or woman throughout there life.  When I see people doing hard work on highway construction, or roofing houses,  out in the scorching heat or freezing cold all day, I know many actually feel good when they go home to their families, or in many cases, wire money to loved ones in there home country, but I also know the toll it takes on them over time.  However, this Nation could not do without their labors, so the next time you casually pass by such hard working crews, send them some love ok?  And if you can, get out and do some real work occasionally, for it sharpens the spirit.


Strange bedfellows indeed.

I don’t really know why I am writing about the attack on the World Trade Center (9-11) today, but I think it has something to do subconsciously with “the President’s” continued cozying with the Saudi government, actually the heads of the royal family, in denying the direct responsibility of MBS in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi,  the well-respected Saudi citizen Washington Post journalist and US resident, not to mention the continued atrocities committed by Saudi in Yemen –  slaughters and starvation of civilians, women, children and non-combatants, all with the blessing and covert support of the US.  And now “the President” seeks to circumvent law once again to sell the Saudi’s even more weapons.  Of course all this is just another chapter in the Great American Military Industrial Complex saga, that a real Amerian President and hero by the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about.

So with that introduction, I want to vent about an aspect of the story of the terrorists pilots of the four airliners involved that day.  All official investigation and commission conclusions speak of the training the pilots received in small aircraft and simulators, and moreover how generally all of these “students” were in catching on to how to really fly and control even a small airplane.  All of this information is of course readily available on the web, so I need not go into details.  However, the issue I take with the official conclusions, which I have firmly believed from Day 1, is that these students were faking their lack of knowledge about flying in general, essentially just acting as part of a cover.  It is my solid belief that these pilots were in fact already trained and experienced in large commercial (even military) jets.  I am not the only one who believes this, and there is good reason based on just pure logic and experience that informs it would be nearly impossible for “pilots” of the caliber of the terrorists to have been able to control these planes and get them back into a correct position in 3-dimensions for a head-on approach to both towers and the Pentagon.  That the official version does not even address this is no less than appalling in my mind, and many others.  Hitting the towers exactly where they did would be like threading a needle for anyone but an experienced large aircraft pilot, or in the very least, one who had trained in simulators equivalent to the aircraft used.  I am myself a licensed pilot (single-engine VFR), and went through about half of the USAF UPT (undergraduate pilot training) program when I was fresh out of college decades ago.  I can say that even when I was at my best, to find myself at the controls of such an airliner, without an experienced pilot talking to me through it, I SERIROUSLY doubt my own ability to have gotten anywhere close to the point they did to make the final lurch directly into the buildings.  Then, what about the hit on the Pentagon, my god, that was not luck, that was skill of a high order!  And, it is likely on the brave souls on the fourth plane saved the White House itself that day.

So you can say, well, this is just another conspiracy theory, the US and Saudis maintaining their relationship “in spite of all.”  And you would be right.  It is a conspiracy, to not even acknowledge for the record the possibility of these terrorists being trained assassins, trained somewhere (maybe in Russia?) and paid for by someone very high up in the Kingdom.  But fortunately, we had Bush and his neo-cons at the helm, so the knee-jerk reaction was to strike out as we did, distracting and avoid any jeopardy to our “love oil” affair with Saudi Arabia.

And the story just goes on and on now, as unwitting Americans just let “the President” and his henchmen continue that sad relationship with the backward country of Saudi Arabia.  What is next, oh, a war with Iran? More weapons to sell, well ok that’s fine right?  WTC…….WTF……..we don’t care, it keeps a lot of Americans employed.