Trump’s Human Shield

Forgive me for breaking my vow of not using “his” name, as I had committed to using BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude).  Today though I wanted there to be no doubt about what my headline is about:  the President of the United States of America using Hispanics as a human shield to protect him from what really is inevitable, his conviction as a super criminal.

BMT will do anything to win the next election, not to facilitate any program for “making America great again,” rather to assure he stays in office, thereby delaying indictment on multiple offenses due to time elapsed since he committed certain crimes.  He knows that he faces criminal charges and probably the collapse of his empire built of Joker cards if a Democrat wins in 2020.

Backing up BMT is of course Moscow Mitch (I like Massacre Mitch better), who, along with other sorry ass human beings, aka Republican Senators (no all, but most) who only care about maintaining their office in a cushy situation in D.C., who could care less about any people of color, and Hispanics make a handy scapegoat based on the false logic and lies that BMT has promulgated the last three years.

So, it really doesn’t matter how many more brown lives are lost in the minds of these people, so long as their NRA/ scared white men back home get what they wave their guns about.

Most of our Presidents have been racists.  But I never thought I would live to see one who hides behind people of color to protect themselves.  BMT is no better – no he is worse – than Islamic terrorists, who have used innocent civilians to shield them.  The fact that he is our President amplifies this atrocity exponentially.  How many more will die as a result of his cowardice?


America The NOT So Beautiful.

Our flag has always inspired me, and even today, knowing what I know, I look to it for the incipient Dream it represents, the Potential yet to be realized.  In my mind America is Not beautiful, but I do believe one day it will be.  At the same time I feel it may take another 200 years, in the absence of some divine event occurring.

I served my Country as an Air Force officer, honorably discharged.  When I was 4 years old I would stand in the picture show (theater) aisle next to my parents, stand at attention wearing my little military side cap, and salute the Flag and the Anthem that accompanied the screening of the latest B&W film from the Korean war front.  I was very cute.  So, just saying I had an early indoctrination about our Flag.  However, over the decades since my service in the military, I have learned more and more about America, its history, its real values that drove its expansion, and after some time it was clearly revealed to me that America is truly a conundrum.

The real America is not taught to our children, not is it taught to new arrivals on our shores.  We still feed both a plate of lies, disguised as part of the American food pyramid.  For examples, they aren’t taught about the internment of Japanese Americans, Wounded Knee, Emmett Till or how the KKK ran some of the major Southern cities like Dallas back in the 1920’s; nor about the over 200 “race riots’ (a termed coined by white newspapers, for whites terrorizing blacks); nor, also the history of our military expansions and covert activities all over the world; and how America’s big shot CEO’s and greedy politicians created the conditions in Central America that today cause tens of thousands to flee for asylum.  They aren’t taught that most of our presidents – including the GOP’s sweetheart Ronald – were fucking racists, or were willing to bend to racists.  No, today many ignorant (and mostly white) Americans are content to sit on Sundays watching Black athletes, the same ones they would not feel comfortable with at their dining table.  Only when we begin to teach the truths of our history and our present condition, will America change.  Pending that happening, it is up to each of us who has some degree of awareness of the truths, to teach others.

America The Beautiful will not shine until we remove ALL the vestiges of our sordid history from those things that are supposed to be associated with the Beautiful; to wit, we need to replace all the old white men on our money…..all of whom were slave owners or men of the worst kind, such as Andrew Jackson; get rid of all the Confederate statues….move them to museums; and, lastly, but to me most important, replace the Star Spangled Banner with a song that all can rally around…..all who understand the line in the 3rd stanza pertaining to “hired men and slaves” who were fighting on the British side hoping to win their freedom.  White people accept all these overt representations of our history as something to cherish.  Can most Whites even imagine what it would be like if the situation was reversed, with all the figures of history being Black men who had enslaved Whites, and have to see that every time you count your cash?

Ok, that’s just for starters.  Most of all in the present, we must assure that BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude……that which occupies the Oval Office) does not win another term.  And, this very day, we need to hear BMT apologize for ALL the racist comments and speeches he has been making since before he was elected.  Only by him doing that will many of the sickos that follow him with their AR-15’s begin to crawl back into their dark holes.  Mr. BMT, we are watching and waiting.

Complicity in death.

“History has always judged silence and complicity harsely in these times of moral consequence.” – Pramila Jayapal.

There are those who are silent when they know something wrong is happening, and there are those who are directly complicit by purposely creating conditions that impede the prevention of the wrong.  Then there are those who are silent and complicit.

Old white men being silent, being complicit, being silent and complicit:  all share in the guilt of the shootings that are now so common one has to ask “Which?” when someone says, “What do you think about the recent shooting?”

Old white men giving cover for the mentally disturbed, the insanely racist, the bullying husband, the gun peddlers that flood our inner cities with guns.

Old white men looking the other way while a young white man, lost in his crazed hate, feels its his duty to massacre kids and moms shopping for back packs and crayons, and grandparents shopping for curtains for their modest home., all because they are Hispanic.

Old white men protecting BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude……that which occupies the Oval Office).

But is not the average American who remains silent about gun violence and white domestic terrorism sharing in this guilt?  The collective power of Americans can cause the politics to change, needed laws to get passed and keep thousands of Americans from being killed in the near future.  To do nothing, Mr. John or Ms. Jane, at this juncture is the equivalent of Germans doing nothing at the first inflection of Hitler.  Silence is a vote for darkness and death.

It will get much worse, very quickly if YOU do not do something.  Given the access to military firepower, what we have seen so far could pale in comparison to future massacres.  Just think what an Uzi machine gun in each hand of a sick 21 year old would do.  White domestic violence will not continue to be one-sided.  It will lead to violence in the other direction, which could spiral out of control, turning into a low-grade war across this country.  In my 70-odd years I have seen cities burn.  It can happen again, except next time it will not be people burning their own neighborhoods.  We are very close to that now.

What I have to ask is why people are not out in the streets en masse, in opposition to the failure of Congress and the evil of BMT?  Where are the orgs that marched for women in D.C., for instance? Where is “Me Too”?  Where is Black Lives Matter?  Where are all the other social justice orgs that should be joining together to create a massive movement to force Congress to act?  We cannot afford to wait until 2020.  I can assure the reader, it will be too late if we continue to be silent.

White men lost in the matrix of hate.

What is it about some white men that leads them to the worst kind of hate: hating another human being for the way she or he was born?  I do believe that if one could, by means of some super sleuth device that’s part time machine and part AI God, trace the origins of racism in white men in America, one would find they have been caught up in a matrix of naivety, ignorance and confusion that manifested a few hundred years ago, and has been a force that has lurked in the recesses of twisted minds since.

I have come to believe that racism in large part, is a form of mental illness afflicting a particular demography of white males within every generation in our country.  (Note: of course what I say applies to many white females, but thankfully they do not often express themselves by being creators of carnage.) I don’t think one can challenge an argument that America has many historical and cultural attributes, at the intersection of which is a mental “black hole” like those in deep space, that literally sucks in susceptible white men’s minds.  Once in the pull of the black hole, they cannot escape after passing a certain point.  Their mental and moral decay at that juncture radiates an anger that is entirely destructive, in fact, is evil itself.

Now racism is a form of hate based on an invalid Zeitgeist that has traveled through time, morphing along the way, generation by generation.  In the mid-Twentieth Century it was manifested profoundly in Germany, infecting a large part of the population, even though it had already taken hold here in AmeriKKKa long before.  Really this country has been built on hate, when one takes a serious look at our history.  Every immigrant group that has come to theses shores has hated the other group, with those arriving more recently receiving the brunt of the hate of those already here; and, then there is the matter of the genocide of First Peoples.  But the racism of white men hating people of color is a unique brand of such hate, giving them the “justification” to commit atrocities like at Wounded Knee, and the now countless mass murders over the last three years.

Here is one article asking if racism should not be considered a mental illness, or at least explored as such.  I agree with most of the article, as it lays out what to me is obvious, that one way to begin to “cure” racists is by exposing white racists to those persons of color in a way that can lead to person to person transaction.  I don’t know where one might begin to practice such an experiment at large, but within our prison industry might be a good starting point.  It is a fact that if two people of different “persuasions”  are forced to confront one another in a situation that depends on their mutual cooperation, they tend to begin to see the other as “human” and not a mere object to receive their hate.

I think this approach should be seriously looked into.  Of course, we can not use pleas of insanity by domestic terrorists or other racists that have harmed innocent people; but, we can attempt to root out the mental/spiritual cancer of racists and try to “fix them.”

Another “approach” to preventing or curing racism, I believe wholeheartedly could and should began in secondary education.  In previous posts I have suggested that a reason for so much of our problems as a country is the inability to critically analyze problems, or “problems.”  Using the  Socratic method of discussion, showing young people how to analyze and unravel the threads of a problem or condition, so they can separate the real threads from the perceived fallacious threads, would without a doubt contribute to youth who carry that ability to seek truth into adulthood.  Racism will not flourish where there is truth.

The Moon isn’t flat, nor are People.

I recently listened to a talk on-line given by author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  The story she told related to her upbringing in a middle-class Igbo family in Nigeria, and something she conveyed in her story has prompted my post for today.

Her family was able to afford a “house boy,” a lad from a nearby rural village.  Adichie said as she was growing up, she knew the boy was poor, and that her mother would send him home with some food and occasionally used clothes and things.  One day she and her mother visited his village, where Adichie saw for the first time the “richness” (my word) of the lad’s life.  Yes, the boy was poor, but she was able to see that his story was so much more.  No longer did she see him as a mere servant, but as a human being, with family and all the accoutrements of his tribal culture.  So in her mind the boy moved from being just someone having “one story” in her mind, to being a whole person with a multi-faceted story, a “whole story.”

In American society today (and of course much of what I now say would apply to many, many places in the world) we are still confronted with the scourge of racism.  In Rwanda not very many years ago, a similar disease afflicted the Hutus, who almost overnight suddenly fell upon their very neighbors and friends who were Tutsis, to commit one of the most horrifying acts of attempted genocide in modern times.  No, this was not a manifestation of racism – even though there generally are physical differences between the two peoples – but it falls into the classification of one people seeing another as having, or being, “one story.”  That story can only exist in the minds of people who see “others” as being “flat.”  By “flat” I mean, of course, that one group of people see the other group generally as having a fixed and limited set of characteristics.  Certainly two groups may see one another through “flat” lenses or filters; it can go both ways.

But I wish to now draw this back to the racism that has infected this Nation since “forever.”  Within the history of this country there continues to exist a false, “one story” that blinds racists to truth.  When I say “racists” I do mean white people, although sure, a black person can be racist and certainly some are.  The thing about Blacks in this country is that they have been able to develop a true multi-dimensional story about Whites, because black people have been forced to live among and around white people in a way that whites have not, especially poor Whites.  (For example:  a black person goes to work in an office around many white people, as opposed to a White working in an office where he or she is surrounded by black co-workers.  The list of examples is really endless, although certainly over the last 450 years that list has changed.)  However, racists, often Whites who have been inter-generationally on the lower end of the wealth scale, as well as those who are descended from European ethnic groups that settled “late in the day” in America and stuck together apart from other groups, including black people, in the larger northern cities, have not had occasion to be “one on one” in interpersonal, nor social occasions with black people.  I can extend this thought also to Whites who settled in remote areas of the West.  Only when a racist is confronted with the situation of being socially “close” to someone of color, is there an opportunity for change.

So today we see the resurgence of racism, of Whites who only have their “one story” when it comes to how they see Blacks.  The question I have, is how does America ever hope to show the racists that their view is like that of a “flat Moon,” or Earth.  The only proven way is that such racists must be “forced” to be directly and personally transactional with Blacks in a person to person situation.  When two people must live together, say to survive, then the truth is revealed.  The racist is then confronted with words and actions of the target of his or her hate, in a way that will reveal the “full story” of the Black person, in time revealing that there is infinitely more in common between the two than the vile “one story” version that the racist inherited or became infected with.  At some point, the racist’s story dissolves, and they now see “the light.”  Racism blocks that light.

Of course there really isn’t any way to make this happen at large.  So what then is the best hopeful scenario?  Short of an external threat to the entire Planet’s survival that requires people to come together to fight off the threat (and so far Aliens seem to be pretty friendly, and Climate Change “too slow”), the next best thing may be time itself:  most of the racism infects older Whites, and from what I observe, younger Whites are more and more (sure, there are many exceptions) seeing  their Black counterparts as persons with “whole stories,”  much like themselves.  Any racist logic or attitude will not survive when confronted with the truth of an individual’s, group’s, “whole story.”  The internet with its social media, and “the arts” – particularly music – probably will be the mechanism that helps eradicate most racial and other “one story” visions of “others.”

However, there are factors which impede the progression from hateful views to clearer ones.  Take for instance, our prison system, where any man entering the system must choose to align with a group of his own “race” for survival.  Often this has the lasting affect of infecting someone with hate for another’s skin color, that is carried right back into normal society. We could think of many other factors that are embedded in our institutions that promote, often for the profit of someone, this disease called racism.  Those of us who long for a world without racism must diligently work to overturn stamp out such structural mindsets.

In closing for today, I remain hopeful, and heed one of the most important principles of my Buddhist practice:  Patience.  I believe in time, America will get to where it needs to be on the question of “race.”

A Boy’s Blood

I went to bed last night trying to get the true story of Emmett Till out of my mind.  I awoke this morning with that boy still on my mind.

I wonder what he would have grown up to be?  A young teenage black boy in 1955, apparently outgoing, smart, with a good sense of humor. Murdered in the most atrocious way by two grown white men, possibly with others, possibly with even one or two black hired “assistants”, for Emmett having had the “audacity” to allegedly “come on” to a young white woman – a Mississippi “lily” and wife of one of the murderers – Emmett, his short life and his horrible death, became the major inflection  point in the civil rights movement ensuing from that point to this moment.  While we will never know for sure all of the details and participants in his murder, it is unimportant at this point.  What is important is that we NEVER forget what happened to him.

Of course I have known a little of the story for many decades, but only just recently have I sought out more information.  What prompted me was viewing an interview on one of the major news tv channels of Timothy B. Tyson, about his latest book “The Blood of Emmett Till.”  I haven’t even finished reading it, a thoroughly researched and investigated history book, scholarly written to capture the full context of Emmett’s murder in the days of Jim Crow, and what the event, “witnessed” around the world, meant to the civil rights movement.  Mr. Tyson actually sat down and interviewed the Mississippi “lily.”

Then I found this documentary story on You Tube, which is rather long, but thorough, with interviews of his mother many others who were caught up in this sad story.  It is not easy to watch, but we should.

Today, with all the hate we are witnessing, with old “norms” suddenly coming out in the open again, encouraged by BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude….that which occupies the Oval Office), and a significant portion of  his base of supporters, we who stand to defeat such hate must not forget the past.  That past is really not distant at all.  Many of the sons and daughters and their children of those who belonged to Citizens Councils, KKK, and many other collections of white people who committed acts of terrorism against blacks and their few white supporters during the 1950’s and later, are still very much alive today.  I would like to believe that most have turned away from such racism, but the fact is that many have not.  The ghosts of the murderers of Emmett Till, and those who murdered so many other black people during those days, walk the Earth.

Be vigilant O Warriors of Truth and Love.


I would encourage everyone to browse the article in the following link, concerning the readiness (lack thereof) of our 50 states voting systems:

BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude…..aka, the guy occupying the Oval Office) has clearly stated that he would listen to any information offered by a foreign entity, during his own 2020 campaign.  Take him at his word.  We know that Putin’s hackers attacked our election process last time, that is a given that all of the USA security agencies agree on, which BMT has, right on the world stage, “dissed,” as he snuggled up to murderous Vlad.  And there is absolutely no doubt that Putin will, and is even right now as stated by Robert Mueller, working at interfering with our sacred democratic elections.

Now in a rational world, with at least a modicum of ethical integrity, both the Republicans and Democrats and others would be very concerned about this threat, come together, and do everything Congress is capable of doing to thwart the threat, even pressuring BMT.  But “it ain’t happening.”  The Senate under good old Mitch, who is determined to block anything that comes out of the House, is blocking legislation to help bolster states’ voting systems.

While voting systems do need to be upgraded in many states, the threats to our election process at large are many, and America’s most hallowed attribute, democracy, is at stake.  There are any number of ways for devious villains like Russia, or China, or Iran, or who knows, to inject problems and outright chaos into our campaigns and the final voting process.  Russia wants to re-elect BMT.  China probably would love to see him defeated, as well as Iran.  No doubt there are anonymous players who may be anywhere in the world, acting as a loose-knit consortium of hackers, or just as a lone wolf right here in some bedroom, even a teen who is a genius with hacking, who could create tremendous havoc during the campaigns and on election day, and during even the electoral college – actually without ever “touching” a voting machine.  I could list any number of ways to “screw with” Americans’ voting, but I shall not as I don’t want to put any negative thoughts into the ether.  Any good security consultant would back up my claim I am certain.

The point is, that IF we had a genuine President in the Oval Office, one who really does put America first, and not just himself, that President would be standing behind the podium, with the real Seal  behind her or him, telling the world in no uncertain terms that NO interference will be tolerated, and then meeting with all the necessary key people to make sure all measures are undertaken to prepare for 2020.

I know this will not happen.  I know because I know BMT will condone any “help” he can get from Russia, ignoring what the other opportunists may do, all to enhance his chances of being re-elected, thus avoiding being arrested and prosecuted for obstruction of justice, and probably a number of other crimes related to his financial sham empire, and possibly other matters related to his “attitude” toward women.  He will do any and everything he can to extend the protection of being in the Presidency, to run out the clock on the indictments surely being framed.

I also know that if BMT does lose the 2020 election tally, he will find some way to sue in court, alleging some fraud – ala the “hanging chad” episode of years ago – and will do all he can to remain in office.  Remember who he has appointed to the SCOTUS, should such a law suit be put before the Court.  It is conceivable to me that by hook or crook, he will do everything possible to remain in office, even to the point of totally shutting down the functioning of our Government.

So, hang on for a ride friends!

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